Welcome to Gloria Patri. We are a mature, alternate universe, historical RPG that is set in 1492 Rome, Italy. The Borgia Pope now sits in the chair of Saint Peters and rules the country with a proclaimed divine right and an iron fist.

Behind the curtains his children plot and scheme to secure their hold of power. They seek to carve out an empire on the Borgia name. Lies, treachery, murder and lust drive the forces of the Papal States and blood shall run through the streets of Rome.

Only one question remains; how will your story change the fate of history?

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 Canon Characters
Divine Grace
 Posted: Aug 15 2014, 01:37 PM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine

The Canon Characters
Below is a full list of Canon Characters offered here at Gloria Patri. We encourage that you browse them and their histories and ponder the idea of claiming one. Each and every character listed here is essential for the progression of the story and will likely have many plot opportunities.

In addition to these important characters, there is also other canon characters. These include parents of some of these characters, other siblings, and children of these characters. For instance, under Beatrice d'Este Sforza I have listed all of her children and their ages for those who wish to adopt them as playable characters.

Please understand that the face-claims that are shown here are mere suggestions and are not set in stone. But, if you are going to change the face please keep in mind the age and social class. For example, if you are wanting Prince Alfonso of Naples you can't have him be played by an 80 year old man.

Also, these histories and personalities are only here to provide you with a small taste of the character and not sufficient enough information for the personalities and histories for the application. Take them, broaden their stories and make them unique, make them your own.

In order to claim a Canon Character you must copy the code below and post a request. This request will stand for two weeks. In that time you must have posted a completed Character Application for review. In the application, unlike original characters, you must complete a writing sample and submit it along with your application.

If your application is not completed and sent before the two week deadline your request hold will be removed and the character will go back up for grabs.


I, (your name here) would like to request
(Character Name Here) to be played by (Chosen Face-Claim)

Rodrigo Borgia
Rome, Italy
Pope Alexaner VI of Rome
He is known as one of the most controversial Popes in the History of Saint Peter's Bascilla, and throughout his Papal Reign he managed to change the face of Rome and Italy forever.

He was born in Xativa, Spain as Rodrigo Llancol de Borja. At the age of 25 he was adopted by his maternal uncle, and first Borgia Pope, Callixtus III. Upon moving to Italy he adopted the Italian form and current surname "Borgia". He studied law in Bologna and graduated as Doctor of Law and was at the top of his class.In 1470 appointed Archbishop and quickly moved up the ranks of the church, becoming Cardinal in 1471. That same year he was appointed Vice-Chancellor and remained so under his uncle Callixtus III, Pius II, Paul II, Sixtus IV and Innocent VIII.

Rodrigo is a very intelligent man who thrives on strategy and cunning. Rodrigo is very calm and even-tempered, seeing to use his wit rather than rage to win battles. He is able to see weakness in others and exploit them for personal gain.He has a strong and true love for the arts and sciences and often browses art and buy vast amounts. He is a very powerful speaker and well versed in the Holy Writ, making his speeches very influential and gaining him the title of a "political priest", but he is very cautious and values family among all else. He has managed to bring his family up from nothing to becoming one of the most wealthiest families in Rome.

As a Prince of the Church, and now Pope, he is not married, but he has had a very long and meaningful relationship with a Spanish Courtesan named Vannozza dei Cattanei and together they have four children, Giovanni (Juan), Cesare, Lucrezia and Gioffre. But, it is said that he has taken a new fancy to a beautiful Noblewoman named Giulia Farnese.

Jeremy Irons
Cesare Borgia
Rome, Italy
It had always been Rodrigo's plan that when he became Pope of Rome he would have one son in armor and one standing beside him in the cloth, both to aid and protect him and his Papal rule. Cesare Borgia is the eldest son of Rodrigo Borgia and his mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei. From an early age he was groomed to be a son of the cloth and was made Bishop at the age of 15. Once his father was seated on the Throne of Saint Peter's his first act was to name his son Cesare Cardinal, this despite his reluctance and spoke disapproval. Cesare never desired a life in the Cloth and did not believe himself to be righteous enough to wear the Cardinal colors, he longed for the opportunity to be a warrior, and envied his brother Juan when he was named Captain of the Papal Armies.

Cesare is a very serious individual and deeply conflicted. It is obvious that the Cardinal robes are a heavy weight on his shoulders and he longs to be rid of them.

He is kind in spirit and values family above all else, seeking their safety and security in all things. He is very much like his father Rodrigo, calm, collected and very strategic when dealing with other people. There is also a deep passion to protect his family name and the honor of his mother. He is not as quick tempered as his brother, but the one thing that will set his blood to a boil is if someone speaks ill or threatens his family or calls him an unworthy bastard. Unlike his older brother Juan, Cesare is a little more honorable and does not constant the brothels, but does have his share of mistresses and likely has fathered a few bastard children.

As a Prince of the Church he is forced to remain unwed.


Giovanni Juan Borgia 'Juan'
Rome, Italy
Gonfalonier General of Papal Army
Giovanni, more commonly known as Juan, is the second living son of Rodrigo Borgia and his mistress Vonnozza dei Cattanei while Rodrigo was still Cardinal Vice-Chancellor. Upon his fathers ascend to the Papal throne he was named Duke of Gandia and quickly given command of the Papal forces.

Juan is very rebellious and extremely short-tempered. He is notorious for acting on a whim, seeking all pleasures where he can find them, whether that be with women, wine or dirty fighting in the streets. He has little to no morals nor respect for anyone but himself. His mouth tends to get him into a lot of trouble, but he is sought at the favorite of Rodrigo's children and constantly feuding with his brother Cesare for his Father's affections. The two brothers are constantly disagreeing and playing a dangerous game of revenge.

As of right now Juan is not married nor does he have any legitimate children, but it is suspected that he has many bastard children roaming the streets of Rome and Italy.

David Oakes
Gioffre Borgia
Rome, Italy
-no occupation-
Gioffre is the youngest child of Rodrigo Borgia and his mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei. He is a young and carefree little boy with a big sense of curiosity and imagination. He is very sweet and cares deeply for his mother and father.

As of right now he is not yet wed.


Giovanna 'Vannozza dei Cattanei
Rome, Italy
-no occupation-
Giovanna, nicknamed Vannozza, was a noblewoman of the region of Mantua. She has had four husbands and was most recently wed to Carlo Canale so that her reputation could remain intact while she remained mistress to Rodrigo. Rodrigo paid off Carlo Canale so that he would keep the marriage intact for her sake. In her youth she was the landlady and courtesan of several inns and brothels of Rome before becoming mistress to Rodrigo Borgia in 1470.

Vannozza is the only mistress who's relationship and fondness with Rodrigo lasted the longest. With him they have four living children, Juan, Cesare, Lucrezia and Gioffre.

She is a kind and soft-spoken woman who knowns the ways of the real world. She is very intelligent and cunning with a woman's quick wit. Due to her past she finds it easy to seduce and exploit man to get her way. There is a deep sense of love and respect for her former lover Rodrigo and she was none too fond of the idea of him becoming Pope, knowing that the Papacy would change him and that they would be separated forever, but she supported his decision none the less. She loves her children with all of her heart, but senses the wickedness that lingers in her eldest son Juan and often warns Rodrigo of the consequences of his blindness and over-affection. The love of his four children is the main reason Rodrigo keep Vannozza so close to his side and shares a more respectable and mature love with her. Although she is an even-tempered woman, she is very jealous and displeased with the fair woman who has replaced her at Rodrigo's side, Giulia Farnese.

Joanne Whalley
Giulia Farnese
Rome, Italy
-no occupation-
Giulia was born in Canino Latium, Italy and was the daughter of Noble parents, being the middle child of five children. At the age of 16 she married Orsino Orsini in Rome, who was most displeasing and not an attractive man. He was cruel to her and Giulia despised her husband, wanting little to nothing to do with him after their wedding. Rodrigo took quick notice of this fair haired woman and sought to make her his new mistress shortly after becoming Pope of Rome. Giulia fell deeply in love with Rodrigo and left her husband and moved into a palace with Rodrigo's daughter Lucrezia. The two are now very close friends, but Lucrezia's mother, and Rodrigo's first mistress, Vannozza is none too pleased of this woman who has replaced her.

Giulia has a very sweet disposition about her, but is very quick-witted and very smart. Unlike most women of her age, Giulia sought to better herself and began to study the techniques of banking and accounting, something that was forbidden to women at the time. She is a lover of the arts, a common interest her and Rodrigo share.

As of right now she has no children, but is still legally wed to Orsini.

Lotte Verbeek

Micheletto Corella
Rome, Italy
Micheletto was born to a farmer and his wife in the town of Forli. At the age of 14 he killed his father because he threatened to expose him as a homosexual. No one ever knew of his murder and he left Forli at the age of 16, telling his mother that he was going to study to be a doctor, but he had become skilled at taking life rather than saving it. Killing and torture was his true passion. He is fiercly loyal to anyone, especially his master Cesare Borgia. He is a man of little words, but seems to be compassionate. Micheletto is a master of stealth, silence and the ability to extract information from others.

He has no children and is unmarried, it is assumed that he is a homosexual.

Niccolo Machiavelli
Florence, Italy
Historian, writer, advisor
Niccolo is the third child and only son of a wealthy attorney in Florence and is said to be one of the brightest minds of the Renaissance along side Leonardo Divinci and Michelangelo. As a young child he was taught grammar, rhetoric and Latin. He is very intelligent man with a dry sense of humor. He is very observant of his surroundings and of people and their behaviours. He is always trying to better himself and spends much of his spare time writing books to account for moments of Italian history.

He is not married nor does he have any children.

Julian Bleach

user posted image
Divine Grace
 Posted: Oct 5 2014, 06:25 PM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine

Piero Di Medici
34 - Male
Florence, Italy
Piero is the eldest son of the infamous and powerful Medici family. He is the Gran Maestro, or Master of Florence. He is also the owner and head banker of the Medici bank, one of the largest banks in the world where most of Italian wealth is kept. He is very smart, yet slightly excentric in his actions. He is the most wealthy man in Florence and is known for creating the accounting tecnique known as double-booking entry. He is a feeble man who is almost cowardace, thus he is advised by one of the brightest minds of Florence, Machivellie.

He is married to Alfonsina Orsini Medici and they have one son named Lorenzo II De Medic.

James Frain
Alfonsina Orsini Medici
27 - Female
Florence, Italy
Alfonsina Orsini Medici is the daughter of a wealthy and powerful Nobleman named Roberto Orsini. She is currently the Regent of Florence, standing by and supporting her meek husband Piero Medici. Her husband seeks her advice on many matters of state and she has a large say on many treaties that cross the table of Florence. She is very sweet and personable with others, and loves to talk. She is a lover of music and the preforming arts. She is the mother of her 8 year old son .
Amanda Hale

Caterina Sforza
41 - Female
Forli, Italy
Countess of Forli
Caterina Sforza, also known as the Tigress of Forli, is one of the most powerful women in all of Italy. She is a Noblewoman and Countless of the beautiful Forli. She is product of a long line of important Condottieri. Thus, she is very brash, bold and dominant. She is very prideful and loyal to her subjects. She has a great dislike for the Borgia Pope and often calls him the "Whore Master of Rome", in regards to his public lechery. Her family is very powerful and her cousin is also the Count of Milan and commands a large army. Caterina will do anything to protect her pride and home and also is the leader of a large army force, and is very skilled with a weapon and mounted fighting. She has a great love of music and dancing and also prides herself on her falconry. Hunting is another one of her great passions.

Her latest husband, Count Girolamo was murdered. She several children. One of her most important sons is one of her youngest Capitan Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere, whom is her most prized son.

Gina Mckee
Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere
23 - Male
Forli, Italy
Visconte of Forli
Giovanni is the youngest son of one of the most ruthless women in all of Italy, Caterina Sforza. He is said to be one of the only children who inherited his mother's military ruthlessness and strategy. He is a simple man who is quiet and strong. He is very skilled with a blade and an amazing leader of men. He is said to be kind and caring to those he cares about, but is heartless to those who threaten him or his family.

He is currently unmarried and has no children that are known.

Kit Harrington

Bernardino Carlo Feo
21 - Male
Forli, Italy
Barone of Forli
Bernardino is the youngest of Caterina's children and the younger half-brother of Giovanni Dalle Bande Nere. He is nothing like his brother though. Bernardino is a sweek and good-natured boy who dislikes war and bloodshed. He much prefers the arts and is a talented musician being able to play the harp, fiddle and is a gifted singer. His mother will often have him play or sing at dinners. He is often picked on by his older brother, but Giovanni claims to only be toughening him up, but Bernardino takes it a little more seriously.

He is currently unwed and has no children.

Mark Ryder
Ludovico Sforza
46 - Male
Milan, Italy
Proclaimed Duca of Milan
Ludovico Sforza, also called Il Moro (The Moore), is a member of the powerful Sforza family. He was the second son of a wealthy Noblemen. He is a very ruthless man who is a commander of large forces. Upon the death of his older brother he was named regent of his nephew Gian Galeazzo Sforza, who was only 7 and now ruler of Milan. When Gian turned 12 Ludovico built a round cell in the center of the floor of his dining hall and threw his young nephew down in the pit to ensure that he never took power away from him.

He is married to Beatrice d'Este and they have 2 sons together Massimiliano and Francesco. He also has a daughter with an earlier mistress. The daughter is Bianca Giovanna Sforza.

Ivan Kaye

Beatrice d'Este Sforza
43 - Female
Milan, Italy
Proclaimed Duchessa of Milan
Beatrice is the wife of Ludovico Sforza, and no two could be less opposite. Unlike her husband she is very kind, and soft spoken. She has a tender spirit and is usually a very happy person and a true joy to be around. She often frowns upon the actions of her husband, but never questions him.

Despite her strong and ruthless husband, Beatrice hosts many balls and is said to be a joyous host of many philosophers, poets, diplomats, and soldiers, making Milan the center of entertainment. Beatrice is also the older sister of Isabella D'Este, wife of Francesco II Gonzaga and is the Marchesa of Mantua.

She is married to Ludovico Sforza and together they have two sons, Massimiliano, Francesco..

Joely Richardson
Gian Galeazzo Sforza
16 - Male
Milan, Italy
Rightful Duca of Milan
Gian is the only son of Galeazzo Maria Sforza. His father was assassinated when the boy was only seven and was thus announced Duca of Milan, with his uncle Ludovico Sforza acting as his regent. When the boy was older his uncle betrayed him and threw him in a pit cell in the middle of the dinning hall and claimed himself Duca of Milan. His uncle is very cruel to his nephew and often tortures him.
Jack Gleeson

Massimiliano (Maximilian) Sforza
24 - Male
Milan, Italy
-General of Milan Forces-
Massimiliano is the eldest legitimate son of Ludovico Sforza, self-proclaimed Duca of Milan, and his wife Beatrice D'Este. He is a ruthless warrior following closely in his farther's footsteps. He is his father's champion and right-hand, riding alongside him into many battles since he was fifteen. Despite his many accomplishments in battle, his father is incapable of true love and affection for anyone and treats him more like a soldier rather than a son. Massimiliano strives for his father's love and because he is neglected Massimiliano has developed a bad temper and lashes out at many.

His mother has cared for him like any traditional mother, but it was obvious that she always had a closer relation with his younger brother instead of him. Because he has never really been shown true love his is immune to the notion and it is assumed that he is incapable of loving anyone or anything other than war.

He is in the beginning stages of an arranged marriage with the English King's youngest daughter Mary Tudor.

Massimiliano has been with many women for the carnal desires, he may have one or two bastard children, and if he does he will refuse to have any contact with them.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen
Francesco II Sforza
21 - Male
Malian, Italy
-No Occupation-
Francesco is the younger legitimate son of Ludovico Sforza, self-proclaimed Duca of Milan, and his wife Beatrice D'Este. Francesco is very intelligent and prefers the art of strategy over the brute force of his older brother. He has spent countless hours perfecting his sword fighting skills in hopes to catch the eye of his detached father. His father ignores him completely and favors his brother in war and diplomacy over him. This being said, it is evident even to Francesco and Massimiliano, that their father doesn't truly care for either of them or their mother, but at least his father talks with and includes Massimiliano

What has been a blessing is that his mother slightly favored him over his brother. She has shared of love of art and music and aided in strengthening his diplomatic ties with other cities, nations, and kingdoms through her ball and festivals. He and his mother share a very close and special bond with one another. But, despite his mother's affection he still longs for attention and love from his father, and does anything to prefect himself so that he may be noticed by Ludovico.

As of right now he is unmarried and has no children. His mother has taught him to respect women and seeks love lover lust.

Logan Lerman

user posted image
Divine Grace
 Posted: Oct 5 2014, 06:41 PM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine

Ascanio Maria Sforza Visconti
37 - Male
Rome, Italy
Ascanio was born in Cermona, Lombardy Italy to the late Duca of Milan Francesco Sforza and his wife Bianca. He is the brother of Gian's late father Galeazzo and the current Ducha/Ducha Regent Ludovico Sforza. He is also cousin to the powerful Caterina Sforza and Giovanni Sforza.

In 1484, after being promised and denied a Cardinal hat, he was finally appointed as Cardinal by Pope Sixtus IV. But, Pope Sixtus passed quickly passed away six days after this announcement and many of the members of the Conclave voiced that they did not want Ascanio to become a Cardinal. It was actually Rodrigo Borgia, who was then Vice-Chancellor, who supported the idea of allowing Ascanio into the College of Cardinals and convinced the other Cardinals to allow him in. In return Ascanio is very grateful to Rodrigo, this is also perhaps the reason he was a huge supporter of Rodrigo and added in voting him in as Pope.

Ascanio is a very calm man with little to no temper. He is not rash and thinks about every desesion carefully before making a final choice. He is a friend, some would say, to Rodrigo Borgia, but there lurks a sense of betrayal as he may be more loyal to his Sforza family, but this is yet to be revealed.

As a Prince of the Church he is not wed and he has no children that he claims.

Peter Sullivan
Giuliano Della Rovere
48 - Male
Rome, Italy
Cardinal Giuliano is a wealthy man who comes from a powerful Roman family, one that includes many Cardinals and a few Popes. During the Conclave Elections for the new Pope he was the chief rival for the Papal Throne against Rodrigo Borgia. Unlike his opponent, he used simple and honest tactics to secure his votes. This could be the reason he lost the battle because Rodrigo used many forms of bribery and threats to win the majority of the votes, thus earning the Papal Crown.

Giuliano is a strategic man who plays well on people's religious and moral views. He is also the most outspoken about his dislike of this "unholy" Pope. He claims to be one of the most holy men and the rightful heir to the Chair of Saint Peter's. He is cunning and will depose the Borgia Pope by any means necessary.

As a Prince of the Church he has no wife, nor does he claim any children.

Colm Feore

Giovanni Sforza d'Aragona
51 - Male
Pesaro, Itally
Visconte of Pesaro
Giovanni is the illegitimate son of Costanzo Sforza, and member of the powerful House of Sforza. He is cousin to Catarina, Ludovico and Ascanio Sforza, though it is said that he is closest to Caterina sharing her ruthless and heartless nature and lust for battle.

He is a noblemen and Lord of Pesaro and Gradara, though resides in Pesaro in the Hills of the Romagna. He has a great love for hunting and sword fighting. Currently, he is unwed and has no legitimate children to name.

Sean Bean
Prince Alfonso II
22 - Male
Naples, Italy
Prince of Naples
Alfonso is the son of King Ferninand I of Naples and his first wife Queen Isabella of Clermont. Alfonso is also the oldest son and only legitimate son of King Ferdinand.

Alfonso is currently ruling as regent over the beautiful and highly-sought after Kingdom of Naples. His father is very old and is deaf, leaving him too weak to rule and make decisions for the Kingdom, so Alfonso makes all decisions and rules in his father's name. His father was a ruthless tyrant of a King with a sick sense of torture. Under the floors of the castle is a maze of torture rooms. For his most worthy rivals, King Ferdinand tortured them for days, sometimes weeks, before having them taxidermy and placed in a dinning hall which was a parody of the Lords Last Supper.

Growing up in this environment Prince Alfonso is almost immune to empathy and an almost sick sense toward death. But, his teacher the humanist Giovanni Pontano, did his best to raise Alfonso to be a decent human being and taught him all the proper virtues of life and the rights of becoming a Prince. Alfonso does not deal with his emotions well and often hides his feelings with wise cracks and humour rather than pain and sorrow. Despite his jokes toward his decaying father, he truly loves him and is terrified of the day he passes away.

As of right now he is unwed and has no known children.

Jamie Campbell Bower

Sancha of Aragona
18 - Female
Naples, Italy
Naples, Italy
Sancha is the illegitimate daughter of King Ferdinand I and his mistress Trogia Gazzela. She is also the younger sister of Prince Alfonso of Naples.

Sancha loved her father before he became to sick to recognize anyone he knew. She often takes care of her father when her brother is too busy, or is too selfish to tend to the King.

Despite being tentative to her ailing father Sancha has had a lot of father problems growing up. He would often boast that she was an illegitimate daughter of a beautiful concubine that he ravished for his pleasure. Throughout her childhood he would also tell her that she was no better than her mother and would end up in a whore house. This caused major blows for her self esteem. With no mother figure in her life, and a cruel father who made her miserable with no love, Sancha grew up to be a little colder toward the world and decided to use men for her sexual pleasure as well as other means. She has no problem sleeping around with several men of any social class as long as it is good sex. Her reputation is not at stake since she is already a bastard child, so she doesn't care.

As of right now she is not married and has no children.

Caitlin Stasey
Bianca Giovanna Sforza
26 - Female
Milan, Italy
-No Occupation-
Bianca is the eldest child of Ludovico Sforza and his first mistress Bernardina de Corradis. It is said that Bernardina was his favorite mistress and perhaps the only person who broke through his shell and made him love her. Bianca is also named after Ludovico's mother.

Bianca is nearly the female form of her father and closely resembles her aunt Caterina Sforza. Bianca is fierce and cowers to no one, there is no hesitation for her to pull a blade and take a life and it is rumoured that she has committed several murders with no suspicion. She is beautiful and is well aware of this face. Thus, she uses her looks to blind men and seduce them. Bianca is notorious for using men for her own personal gain and disposing of them once their use has fun out. Her beauty also caught the eye of the famous artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo painted many portraits of her, his most famous being "Portrait of a Young Fiancé".

Bianca is an excellent rider and an accomplished huntress as well as being skilled with a blade. She is no stranger to the art of war and her uncle, aunt and father all lent their knowledge of strategy. Ludivaco has been known to say that he wishes it was acceptable for his daughter to ride into battle because he would quickly place her as his second.

Despite his two legitimate sons, it is easily recognized that Bianca is his favorite child. He pays attention to her, talks with her, hunts with her and everything in between. His close relationship with his daughter is obviously caused by his love and adoration of his mistress Bernardina before she died from illness.

Ludivaco's wife, Beatrice is no friend of Bianca and despises her for being the illegitimate daughter of her husband and favored child over her two sons. But, Bianca is adored by her aunt Caterina and her two sons as well as her two uncles Ascanio and Giovanni.

Bianca was the wife of Louis Duke of Savoy for three years before he died in war. Together they have a two year old son Pierre. Once her husband passed Bianca and her son Pierre returned to Milan with her father.

Gemma Arterton

Francesco II Gonzaga
27 - Male
Marchese of Mantua
Francesco was born in Mantua to a Noble Roman Family. He has a career as a condottiero and commander of his own Mantua forces. He is a smart man, but enjoys the more simple pleasures of life, such as hunting and music. He is a talented swordsmen. Despite all his accomplishments in life he is twisted and tormented inside, often seeing images of the men, women and children he was forced to torture and kill in his years as a condottiero. He is slow to trust anyone, including his own wife.

He is married to Isabella d'Este and they currently have 4 children.

Tom Hiddelston
Isabella d'Este
23 - Female
Marchesa of Mantua
Isabella is a Noblewoman who is known as a leading idol for Italian and French fashion for women. She was allowed to have much say in the politics of her husband Francesco. She is a strong and smart woman with a caring heart. She kind to others and always willing to lend a helping hand, but if she is crossed she is quick to retaliate.

Isabella is the younger sister of Beatrice D'Este, wife of Ludovico Sforza, and the proclaimed Duchessa of Milan.

She is married to Francesco II Gonzaga and together they have 4 children including Paola (Daughter, 13), Ferrante (Son, 12), Ercole (Son, 10) and Ippolita (Daughter, 6).

Melia Kreiling

user posted image
Divine Grace
 Posted: Oct 18 2014, 10:58 PM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine

Paolo Giordano Orsini
25 - Male
Bracciano, Italy in the Hills of the Romagna
Duca of Bracciano
Paolo is the oldest and illegitimate son of Girolamo Orsini, he is also the older brother to Roberto Orsini. He is an avid huntsmen and fishermen, loving the outdoors. He greatly enjoys horses and is an excellent rider, often found jumping fences and fallen trees in his spare time. Unlike his brother, Paolo is more calm and laid back, always planning his moves and staying one step ahead of his enemies.

There is a deep hatred that he and his brother share for their father, they are both dubbed bastard and thus have no real power, his titles are more of a means to pacify them. He is the co-commander of his own family forces along with his younger brother Roberto.

Paolo is a very moral man and strives to better himself all the time. His greatest task is often to keep his reckless brother in line.

As of right now Paolo is unwed and has no legitimate children.

Henry Cavill
Roberto Orsini
23 - Male
Bracciano, Italy in the Hills of the Romagna
Conte of Bracciano
Roberto is the middle child and illegitimate son of Girolamo Orsini, he is also the younger brother of Paolo. Like all younger sons, Roberto is a little more brash and like to act before he thinks. He follows a strict code of "kill first, ask questions later." This train of thought has served him well in many back-alley sword fights and kept him alive this long. His older brother Paolo views him as a loose cannon and often tries to rein him in and try to make him responsible, but his efforts have only fuelled Roberto's rebellion. The two brothers are very close despite their different views. Both have a strong hate for their father, though Roberto is much more vocal about his distaste, which has earned him several lashings from his father. Along side his brother Roberto commands his Orsini family forces.

Though he seems loyal, he is really only loyal to his brother and those with the most coin. Those with the deepest pockets can almost buy his alliance, even more so if that person is an enemy of his father. All that being said, his older brother is known to be able to steer him back on the right path and keep him in line.

As of right now he is unwed, but has many lovers and may have several bastard children.

James Franco

Vitelezzo Vitelli
24 - Male
Velletri, Italy in the Hills of the Romagna
Marchese of Vitelli and Lord of Montone
Vitelezzo is the illegitimate son of the war-lord Niccolo, Tyrant of Citta di Castello. At a very young age his father forced him to learn the ways of the sword on foot and on horseback. Vitelozzo is a fierce condottiero and a very skilled leader in battle. He is a very quiet man of few words, but he does have a very fiery temper and a love for revenge. His father was very cruel to he and his mother and he has a pure hate for his father.

Though he is smart, Vitelli is not keen on rules and would rather bend or brake them than abide by them. He is quick to make alliances and even quicker to break them. He is known to go behind the back of his 'friends' and betray them, there are even some who would say that he is more keen to tell a lie even when the truth would be easier.

As of right now he is unwed with no legitimate children.

Aneurin Barnard
Prospero Colonna
24 - Male
Civita Lavinia, Italy in the Hills of the Romagna
Marchese of Civita Lavinia
Prospero, often called Prosper, is the illegitimate son of a Colonna nobleman. He is also a man of the sword and a notable condottiero. He and his family backed Cardinal Della Rovere and his quest to become Pope of Rome, and now fully support Della Rovere in his quest to rid the Vatican of the Borgia Pope.

Prospero is a kind man to those he loves, but is slow to trust others. He has very strong ties to family, though has a great distaste for his father. He does have a love of women, but is a little too shy to approach them directly and has yet to let a woman close enough to make him love them. He is a very cautious man. He has a love of being outside and takes a morning run everyday, rain or shine. Prospero is the leader of his Colonna family forces.

As of right now he is unwed and has no known children. Though, it is rumoured that he and Elizabetta Gonzaga, younger sister of the Marchese Gonzaga have begun a romantic relationship thanks to Fabrizio. If these rumours prove true it could be a huge scandal and cause to go to war for the Colonna and Gonzaga family.

Max Irons

Fabrizio Colonna
25 - Male
Civita Lavinia, Italy in the Hills of the Romagna
Conte of Tagliacozzo and Barone of Civita Lavinia
Pabrizio is the middle son of Edardo Colonna and Filippa Conti. He is also the cousin of Prosoero Colonna. He is a military man with a lot of political pull. He is also a close friend of the artist Michelangelo. He has a great love of the arts of all kinds, but his favorite is painting and drawing, which he does a little of himself. Despite his military prowess, Fabrizio is a kind and light-hearted man with a brilliant mind which he loves to extend beyond the arts of war. He is not shy in the least and is usually the gentle nudge behind his shy and cautious cousin Prospero. He is constantly trying to talk him into talking to and meeting people.

Currently he is unwed and has no known children.

Josh Dallas
Gian Paolo Baglioni
26 - Male
Perugia, Italy in the Hills of the Romagna
Marchese of Perugia
Gian Paolo is the illegitimate son of Rodolfo Baglioni. He is a condottiero and rumoured to be one of the fastest swordsmen in all of Italy. Gian Paolo is a very sly character who is well known in all the whore houses of Italy, and has frequented the beds of many of the Italian Noblewomen also. He is the pure definition of a "ladies man". He also has a true knack for being able to turn a phrase and twist people's words in any way to benefit himself. Despite his sly tactics he is a very loyal man and a true leader in warfare. Gian Paolo is very cunning and almost always remains three moves ahead of his rivals, making him ideal for military strategy.

Despite the fact that he is seemingly unfaithful to women, he is fiercely loyal to his friends and those he has pledged his allegiance to.

As of right now he is unwed, but is rumoured to have several bastard children.

Colin O'Donoghue

Oliverotto Euffreducci
25 - Male
Velletri, Italy in the Hills of the Romagna
Commander under Vitellozzo Vitelli
Oliverotto was taken in by his uncle Giovanni Fogliani after his father was killed in battle and his mother died during childbirth. His uncle taught him the way of the sword and they lived by simple means as Giovanni Fogliani was nothing more than a lowly Lord of Fermo.

Once he was old enough Oliverotto was sent as a soldier under condottiero Paolo Vitelli, Vitellozzo Vitelli's older brother. Paolo showed Oliverotto the real means of war and truth of battle, but sadly, Paolo died a few short months later due to illness. Vitelli and Oliverotto became close friends while serving in battle under Paolo. Vitelli noticed how masterful Oliverotto was with a sword and how he was able to quickly able to adapt on the battlefield, so Vitelli took him in and made him commander of the Vitellozzo forces under him.

Vitelli, despite his alligence to the Vitellozzos, is also good friends of Gian Paolo Baglioni. They each share a love of women, though Oliverotto more enjoys the chase and flirting rather than the sexual nature of it all. He, despite his talent with a sword, dose not enjoy war or killing, but understands it is part of life and sometimes necessary, he also understands it is the only thing he is truly good at and earns him coin for food and a warm bed.

Unlike his friends, he was raised in a small house in Fermo and did not have the world at his disposal. He has no desire for riches, all he wants in life is to take his father's place as Lord of Fermo.

He has noticed Cesare Borgia and always admired him for his intelligence and art of strategy. He hopes to one day get closer to him and become a trusted friends.

As of right now he is unwed, but it is possible that he may have one or two bastard children, but not as many as Baglioni.

Eoin Macken
Elisabetta Gonzaga
20 - Female
Countessa of Mantua
Elisabetta is the daughter of deceased Federico I Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua and Margaret of Wittelsbach. Her brother is Francesco II Gonzaga, the current Marquess of Mantua.

Elisabetta is a strong-hearted woman with no qualms against speaking her mind to anyone, including her older brother Francesco. She is also quite fearless in the eyes of tyranny or threat of punishment. As a young girl she was once held for ransom against her father by a lowly noblemen and it is said that she did not bat an eye when he threatened to kill her if her father refused to pay. Thankfully, her brother and father, along with several troops, managed to rescue her in time. Despite her fearlessness and outspoken nature, Elisabetta is fiercely kind and loyal and can often be found aiding the injured soldiers after a battle. She is a lover of horses and all animals, having several mounts and dogs. She is also a great lover of music and plays the lute.

As of right now she is unwed, but there are negations for her marry the Alfonso, Prince of Naples in order to strengthen the Mantua forces. There are rumours that Elisabetta has begun a romantic relationship with Prospero Colonna. Such trysts have the ability to ignite a war between the Gonzaga and Colonna family.


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