Welcome to Gloria Patri. We are a mature, alternate universe, historical RPG that is set in 1492 Rome, Italy. The Borgia Pope now sits in the chair of Saint Peters and rules the country with a proclaimed divine right and an iron fist.

Behind the curtains his children plot and scheme to secure their hold of power. They seek to carve out an empire on the Borgia name. Lies, treachery, murder and lust drive the forces of the Papal States and blood shall run through the streets of Rome.

Only one question remains; how will your story change the fate of history?

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 Character Application
Divine Grace
 Posted: Aug 15 2014, 01:27 PM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine


1. You must follow the Application guidelines below.

2. In topic title please put character's full name. (Example: Lucrezia Borgia)

3. In the description box please put WIP and post it in the 'Work In Progress' sub-board so that we know it is not completed and not ready to be examined. If the application is completed please place the character titles or occupation. (Example: Duchess of Ferrara) You may also become creative with this also. (Example: Duchess and Golden Rose of Ferrera ect...)

4. Be sure to check the Face Claim thread so you do not accidentally take someone else's playby.

5. If you are taking up a cannon board please fill out a quick request in the Cannon List

6. When filling out this application please keep in mind that this is for your benefit and allows others to better understand your character and aid in interaction with others. So please write as much as you feel you need to accomplish this.

7. Once your character has been accepted it will be moved to Citizens of Italia

8. You will be able to edit your app after it has been accepted. This is so you can add to your history, change your play-by, or add in something you may have forgotten.

9. For those who are wishing to pick up a Canon Character, you will be required to complete a writing sample in the OOC section. It must be at least 100 words or more.
** If you are making an original character then this is not required.

[align=center][img=insert face claim image here (Optional). Limit to 500 or less in width.[/img]
[size=12][b]Character's Full Name Here[/b][/size]
~ Location ~ Age ~ Occupation ~[/align]


[b]First Name:[/b]
[b]Last Name:[/b]
[b]Title:[/b]  (If Any. If not remove this)
[b]Nickname/Alias:[/b] (If Any. If not remove this)
[b]Gender:[/b] (Male or Female)
[b]Place of Residence:[/b] (Rome, Forli, Spain ect...)
[b]Social Class:[/b] (Royalty, Nobility, Commoner ect... Please read the
[b]Occupation:[/b] (Cardinal, Blacksmith, Courtesan)
[b]Sexual Orientation[/b] (Heterosexual, Homosexual, Asexual)
[b]Play-By:[/b] (Celebrity Name)



[b]Height:[/b] (In feet and inches)
[b]Hair Color:[/b] (Brown, Black, Red ect...)
[b]Hair Length:[/b] (Mid-Back, Shoulder-Length, Above Ears, Bald ect...)
[b]Eye Color:[/b] (Blue, Brown, Hazel ect...)
[b]Scars/Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks:[/b] (Any marks that define them)
[b]Overall General Appearance:[/b] (Please give us at least two good paragraphs)



[b]Overall Personality:[/b] (Again, two good paragraphs)
[b]Flaws:[/b] (All characters have flaws, no one is perfect.)
[b]Secrets:[/b] (It seems that nothing in Rome is as it appears, everyone has dark secrets)
[b]Goals/Aspirations:[/b] (There is always a driving force behind everyone's actions)


[align=center][size=8][u]Family History[/u][/size][/align]

[b]Grandfathers:[/b] (Important for Royalty and Nobility, but not required)
[b]Grandmothers:[/b] (Important for Royalty and Nobility, but not required)
[b]Father:[/b] (If known to character)
[b]Mother:[/b] (If known to character)
[b]Siblings:[/b] (If known to character)
[b]Children[/b] (If known to character, lets be honest, some men don't keep up with their bastard children)
[b]Extended Family:[/b] (If Any)


[align=center][size=8][u]Character History[/u][/size][/align]

[b]General History:[/b]
(Again, give me two or three good paragraphs please)


[align=center][size=8][u]The Puppeteer[/u][/size][/align]

[b]OOC Name:[/b] (This should be the same name that is used in the C-box as well)
[b]Age:[/b] (If under 18 this is REQUIRED)
[b]Preferred Means of Contact:[/b] (PM, e-mail, AIM ect...)
[b]Fun Fact About You:[/b] (Any fun or interesting fact about you the writer.)
[b]How Did You Find Us:[/b] (Caution 2.0, Shadowplay, other affiliate site ect...)
[b]Writing Sample:[/b] (This section is required for those wishing to play a Canon Character. It must be more than 100 words and more than 2 paragraphs. You are not required to write in Canon Character, but it is preferred.)

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