Welcome to Gloria Patri. We are a mature, alternate universe, historical RPG that is set in 1492 Rome, Italy. The Borgia Pope now sits in the chair of Saint Peters and rules the country with a proclaimed divine right and an iron fist.

Behind the curtains his children plot and scheme to secure their hold of power. They seek to carve out an empire on the Borgia name. Lies, treachery, murder and lust drive the forces of the Papal States and blood shall run through the streets of Rome.

Only one question remains; how will your story change the fate of history?

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 The Plot
Divine Grace
 Posted: Aug 10 2014, 03:21 AM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine

Lies, lechery, murder and deceit. These were the great evils of which the infamous Borgia family had built their legacy upon. The Spanish-born Pope Rodrigo Borgia had just been declared the new Pope of Rome, the head of Saint Peter's Holy Mother Church and the leader of the entirety of Christendom. But, how is it that such a holy office be held by one of the most unholy of characters? A question asked by many throughout Italy and Europe.

It is August of the year 1492 in Rome, Italy and Rodrigo has just been announced Pope Alexander VI. His eldest bastard son Cesare has been promoted from a Bishop to a Cardinal so that he may sit along his father in the Consistory. His second illegitimate son, Giovanni "Juan" Borgia, has been brought up to the status of Second Duke of Gandia and given command of the Papal Armies as Gonfalonier of the Church so that he may protect his father's church and his families. The other children of Rodrigo and his courtesan mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei are both planning to be married off to families of wealth so that he may gather all sorts of power and wealth to ensure his Papacy and ensnare the whole of Europe with his prodigy. Since he ascended to the throne of Saint Peter's he has also seen fit to wrap his arm around a young and wealthy Noble woman by the name of Giulia Farnese, to publicly parade her around the halls of the Vatican as his new mistress.

Rodrigo Borgia has begun to conspire with his children to carve out the most historical and controversial Papacy the world had ever seen. His goal is to dominate all of Italy and shape an empire that he may rule under his Holy Crown, collecting gold and jewels along the way. He and his sons are merciless and nothing is going to deter him from his search for power. If necessary he will resort to false promises, torture, and even murder if someone dares to stand in his ambitions way.

It is now time for you, as a citizen of the Holy Mother Church, to decide if God and the Virgin Mary have given this unholy man the divine right to rule the whole of Christendom, or if you are the one who will bring a stop to this Pope. No matter the choice, one thing is certain, the face of the Christian Faith will forever be changed.

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