Welcome to Gloria Patri. We are a mature, alternate universe, historical RPG that is set in 1492 Rome, Italy. The Borgia Pope now sits in the chair of Saint Peters and rules the country with a proclaimed divine right and an iron fist.

Behind the curtains his children plot and scheme to secure their hold of power. They seek to carve out an empire on the Borgia name. Lies, treachery, murder and lust drive the forces of the Papal States and blood shall run through the streets of Rome.

Only one question remains; how will your story change the fate of history?

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Divine Grace
 Posted: Feb 2 2015, 10:28 PM
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The Plot - The Commandants - The Canons - Character Application

"Know Your enemy, know him better than your dearest friend. And, never forget that everything is God's doing my son!"

The age of Pope Innocent VIII has seen its last sunset, let the dawn of Pope Alexander VI ring forth a new age. But has the Chair of Saint Peter's been so easily bought with bribes and deceit? Does this Spanish Borgia Pope sit on a throne of lies and public lechery?
The year is 1492 and Rodrigo Borgia has just been claimed Pope Alexander VI. He now rules Rome under God's divine right and an iron fist, but there are dangers and mysteries and lurk behind the shadows of St. Peters Basilica. Many wish to depose the Spanish Pope under claims of simony and public lechery, and there are others who would seek the new Pope's favor and wish to prosper under his reign.
It is whispered that this Pope wishes to envelop the whole of Europe in his progeny, done so with his sons Juan, Cesare and Gioffre along with his daughter Lucrezia. It has also been said that he wants to create a dynasty to pass his Papal Crown down to his son rather than through the Cardinal votes. If his all rumors are true he will become the most powerful ruler of the known world with the ability to crown an remove Kings and Queens of the world.
The Christian Faith now rests on a delicate balance with all playing their part, and you now have a chance to weave your tale into this tapestry of Fate and Divine Rule. No matter your decision, one thing remains the same, the World will never be the same, and blood will run through the streets of Rome...

~AU Borgia RPG
~No Word Count
~Mature Rating (333)
~Simple Character Application
~Original Characters Welcome
~Tons of Canon Characters Available
~Friendly Staff
~Staffing Positions Available

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