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 Elisabetta Gonzaga, Countessa of Mantua
Divine Grace
 Posted: Jan 16 2015, 12:34 AM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine

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Countessa Elisabetta Gonzaga
~ Mantua, Italy ~ 20 ~ No Occupation ~

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First Name: Elisabetta
Last Name: Gonzaga
Title: Countessa
Nickname/Alias: Elisa, Liz by a close select few
Gender: Female
Birthdate: February 9, 1471
Place of Residence: Mantua, Italy
Social Class: Nobility
Occupation: -none-
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Play-By: Adelaide Kane

user posted image


Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Mid-back
Eye Color: Golden, caramel color
Scars/Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: There is only one mar of notice, there is a two inch scar up her left calf from a childhood accident where she fell from a stone fence she was walking on.
Overall General Appearance:
Elisabetta is an unparalleled beauty with her raven black curls that fall down her back and her stunning golden eyes. Her stature is of average height and a compact build. She is narrow in the shoulder and hips. Her skin, like that of her older brother, is very faire and stands out against her dark hair and entrancing eyes as well as her naturally dark red lips.

user posted image


Overall Personality: Elisabetta is a woman that most would struggle to compare to. She is known for her virtue and gracious, soft-hearted nature. She was raised as the ideal high-born Noblewoman as the Gonzaga's are an old family with roots deep in the hills of the Romagna. Her mother was very strict and sought to ensure that her daughter was raised properly. She is quite and barely speaks unless spoken to when in a large crowd. To most she is rather shy around new people until she gets comfortable.
Though it is ill-advised to assume that her shyness is a sign of weakness, Elisa is a true lioness who can be very fierce if released from her cage. She is also no stranger to voicing her feelings and problems with force. She has been known to sometimes get carried away and have the traditional female temper tantrum when she is mad or upset.
She is fearless and never backs down from anything, if forced into a corner she will come out fighting. Intimidation is not something that works on her also, she does not fear death and trusts her Lord.
Elisa is also very wise in her youth. She made a point to learn and observe her father and brother in all aspects, including war, strategy, diplomacy, and connections. She is very outspoken and does not fear speaking her brother in matters of the family.
As a child Elisa was very wild with an adventurous spirit, she also has infamous for getting intro trouble, but always managed to talk her way out of it. Most of her wild spirit was tamed and reigned in by her mother, but it has a tendency to come out now and again, more so now since the passing of her parents. She is great at keeping secrets and is a true romantic and seeker of love.
Flaws: Her shyness sometimes comes off as rude to those who do not fully understand her. She also tends to over-step her bounds sometimes without thinking.
Secrets: It is only known by a very select few, but Elisabetta is having a secret romance with Prospero Colonna. This is a huge deal because she is in the early stages of an arranged romance with Prince Alfonso of Naples. The Orsini and the Gonzaga are also new friends, if anyone were to discover their romance it could cause an uproar and a war between the two families.
Goals/Aspirations: She has no real aspirations other than to fall in love and marry Prospero Colonna, despite the fact that he is a bastard child. She would rather be a Marchessa than a Princess or Queen.

user posted image

Family History

Grandfathers: Ludovico III Gonzaga (Paternal), Albert III, Duke of Bavaria (Maternal)
Grandmothers: Barbara of Brandenburg (Paternal), Anna of Brunswick-Grubenhagen-Einbeck (Maternal)
Father: Federico I Gonzaga (Deceased 1484)
Mother: Margaret of Wittelsbach Bavaria (Deceased 1491)
Siblings: Francasco Gonzaga (Older Brother), Clara Gonzaga (12 year old sister)
Spouse: -none-
Children -none-
Extended Family: Many of her maternal family are of Royalty and high Nobility in Bavaria Germany.

user posted image

Character History

General History:
It was instilled into Elisabetta that she was born of privileged and was part of a very important family. As a child she longed to be outdoors and playing in the mud and running and riding her horses, but her mother and father had other plans. Like all of her other siblings, she was forced to be well educated, clean, well versed in proper etiquette. Her mother, being from a royal family that had sired many Kings and Queens of Bavaria, encouraged her to learn the art of diplomacy, enchanting foreign ambassadors, members of the Papacy, Royalty and nobility. Her father took a different approach to raising his eldest daughter. Once she was old enough, she was brought in to learn the art of strategy and the meaning and art of war. She would often sit in on war counsel meetings between her father, brother, and generals and commanders of the Mantua forces. He also taught her how to use a bow, in hopes that she would never need to know, but just as a means of protection and precaution. Elisa is also a very talented musician learning several woodwind instruments. There is also a profound knowledge of the arts and music.
When she was 13, she was kidnapped by a lowly Lord named Costantino. He hoped to pressure her father into paying him a large sum of coin in order to regain her daughter. The entire time Elisa was in her captures hands she often spoke out at her displeasure and cursed him and his family. Costantino threatened her and even backhanded her a few times to keep her quiet, but was shocked as his threats and abuse did not rile the Noblewoman. She held her own and was fully intact when her father, brother Francesco came to rescuer her with a small battalion of troops. They were revealed to find that she was mostly unharmed save for a few bruises on her cheek. Her father stabbed Costantino and killed him for daring such a task as to hold his beloved daughter for ransom.

Shortly after this rescue her father passed away in battle. Her brother Francesco, who had served in the same war, managed to bring his father's body back and the family buried him in their family plot. Her mother was sick with grief and, despite her children, felt like an outcast as a German in Italia. Her grief made her weak and she was taken by the sweating sickness when Elisa was 18, leaving Elisa under the wardship of her older brother Francesco, who was now the new Marchese of Mantua along with his wife Isabella. The war had taken a toll on her brother had the once close relationship she use to have with him is strained and draining as he has become very quiet and barely speaks to anyone. But, she does have a good relationship with his wife Isabella and feels like a sister to her.

In the last few months her brother and Isabella told her that she would be engaged to the Prince of Naples, who is a most unpleasant boy in her eyes. She was very upset and outright refused, but her brother refused to argue with her and Isabella stressed how this would strengthen the ties between the two families and open trade as well as supply more troops with such a powerful ally. She would become Princess and soon Queen, it was for the best of the family. Elisa threw one of her rare tantrums and refused.
A few weeks later she happened on Prospero Colonna and his cousin Fabrizio. Through Fabrizio, Elisa was able to get close to the shy Prospero and fell in love with his sweet and gentle nature. They have begun a rebellious relationship, meeting in secret, knowing that if either of their families found out that there would be war.

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The Puppeteer

OOC Name: Divine Grace, Divine
Age: 24
Preferred Means of Contact: PM please
Fun Fact About You: Ummm.... I wanna learn to joust
How Did You Find Us: My site yo! lol
Writing Sample: Like all over the site or on my character Lucrezia Borgia please

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Divine Grace
 Posted: Jan 21 2015, 04:00 AM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine

Congratulations, your character has been accepted to Gloria Patri and will be moved to the appropriate forum! Please proceed to the Face Claim to claim your playby, then feel free to roam to the Plotting Forum to create your own plots!

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