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 Vittorio Alagona, 21 ~ Archbishop ~ Nobility
Vittorio Alagona
 Posted: Feb 13 2015, 08:35 PM
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Played By Mags

[img=insert face claim image here (Optional). Limit to 500 or less in width.[/img]
Vittorio Alagona
~ Location ~ 21 ~ Archbishop ~

user posted image

First Name: Vittorio
Last Name: Alagona
Title: Archbishop
Nickname/Alias: Vitto
Gender: Male
Birthdate: May 21st
Place of Residence: (Rome, Forli, Spain ect...)
Social Class: Nobility
Occupation: Archbishop
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Play-By: Lorenzo Richelmy

user posted image


Height: 1.78 m
Hair Color: Curly Light brown
Hair Length: Just to the nape of his neck.
Eye Color: Dark green
Scars/Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A scar on his left shoulder from an accident as a small child.
Overall General Appearance: (Please give us at least two good paragraphs)

user posted image


Overall Personality: (Again, two good paragraphs)
Flaws: (All characters have flaws, no one is perfect.)
Secrets: He is in love with Ilaria Alagona, against his and her families ideals.

user posted image

Family History

Grandfathers: (Important for Royalty and Nobility, but not required)
Grandmothers: (Important for Royalty and Nobility, but not required)
Father: (If known to character)
Mother: (If known to character)
Siblings: (If known to character)
Children (If known to character, lets be honest, some men don't keep up with their bastard children)
Extended Family: (If Any)

user posted image

Character History

General History:
(Again, give me two or three good paragraphs please)

user posted image

The Puppeteer

OOC Name: (This should be the same name that is used in the C-box as well)
Age: (If under 18 this is REQUIRED)
Preferred Means of Contact: (PM, e-mail, AIM ect...)
Fun Fact About You: (Any fun or interesting fact about you the writer.)
How Did You Find Us: (Caution 2.0, Shadowplay, other affiliate site ect...)
Writing Sample: (This section is required for those wishing to play a Canon Character. It must be more than 100 words and more than 2 paragraphs. You are not required to write in Canon Character, but it is preferred.)
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