Welcome to Gloria Patri. We are a mature, alternate universe, historical RPG that is set in 1492 Rome, Italy. The Borgia Pope now sits in the chair of Saint Peters and rules the country with a proclaimed divine right and an iron fist.

Behind the curtains his children plot and scheme to secure their hold of power. They seek to carve out an empire on the Borgia name. Lies, treachery, murder and lust drive the forces of the Papal States and blood shall run through the streets of Rome.

Only one question remains; how will your story change the fate of history?

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Lucrezia Borgia


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Jan 30 2015, 12:08 AM
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<h1>Please Speak Softly For They Will Hear Us And They'll Find Out Why We Don't Trust Them</h1>

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The morning sun found the only daughter of the Pope wide away and eager to get a start on the day. The greying light faded into shades of purple and pink as the sun managed to peek over the distant hills. A wide-eyed Lucrezia laid in her bed, watching the seas of color from beyond the open balcony doors. Upper teeth lightly bit her lower lip, simply in awe of the sceptical, never before had she seen a more perfect sunrise, as if God was putting on the show just for her. He made the trails of orange and pink chase the decaying grey and purple from sight as the pinks began to swell into a strong current of reds and yellows before finally giving way to a cast of light blue. Perhaps this was God's way of expressing his thanks, as if saying her Father's ascension to the Papal Throne was divine and right in His all-knowing eyes. Despite the matter Lucrezia choose to accept this as reality.<p>
Finally, the long awaited rapping on the door finally arrived. "My Lady Borgia, are you awake in dere?" The voice was elegant, but clung to a strong Spanish accent.<p>
"Yes, Im awake." Replied Lucrezia as she sat up in her bed. The gold doorknob turned and in trounced a short women whos years did not count much past her own. Her hair was black as the raven and her complexion darker than most, all giving evidence to her Latin origin. Father had seen best to purchase a Spanish hand-maid from their ancestral homeland to tend to Lucrezia.<p>
"Dis is good. We hab a busy day today Miss" Announced Camila as she placed the linens on the vanity, but the pitcher of water in her hand she kept. From the vanity she pulled out a porcelain bowl with a silver rim. Camila emptied the pitcher of warm water into the bowl and set the clean linens beside it. Lucrezia clambered out of bed and made her way over to the bowl, passing the dark haired Camila as she made her way to the closet to pick out a day dress. Lucrezia bent over a the waist and began to was her face with the warm water. Once she felt she was clean she she picked up a linen and dried her face and hands. "How about dis one?" Questioned the Spanish woman as she held up a peach colored taffeta gown.<p>
With a smile Lucrezia nodded to Camila agreeing with her selection and soon nimble fingers made quick work of the laces in the front of her night gown. It was strange to stand before another woman in nothing but her own skin, Lucrezia was now coming into womanhood and she felt awkward in her body. She lifted her arms and attempted to cover her emerging breasts from the Latina maid. A puzzled expression crossed the dark features of Camila as her charge began to behave strangely. Never before had she attempted to cover herself for modesty's sake and she had seen her naked many times before. But, instead of saying anything Camila opted to say nothing and behave as normal. Tan hands wrapped the corset around Lucrezia's milky skin and quickly cinched up the laces in the back. Then, she slid the peach dress over Lucrezia's head before fastening its laces also. Dark hands made quick work of placing faire, blonde curls into a matching silver hairnet and pulling a few strands out around the edges and braiding them around the outer rim of the hair net.<p>
Lucrezia felt more secure now fully clothed, and even a tad bit confident as her bust line nearly spilled over the neckline of her dress. This was all a new development to her, so many changes happening to her body, and so many dramatic changes taking shape in her life. It was nearly impossible for one girl to wrap her head around.<p>
Once all the preparations were done Lucrezia quickly ate breakfast, now more eager than ever to get out and on with her adventure for the day. The Papal Coronation Ball was tomorrow evening and she was in need of jelwery to match her gown. Jelwery that was befitting a Queen as she was now daughter to the most powerful man in Rome, and even the world, she best look the part.


<h2>Tell Me Why I Feel So All Alone</h2>
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Jan 4 2015, 03:26 AM
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<h1>Please Speak Softly For They Will Hear Us And They'll Find Out Why We Don't Trust Them</h1>

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Quiet steps pattered against the marble flooring as the blonde maiden made her way through the Vatican. Clusters of red robed men passed her, some carried arms full of papers and other important documents that were needing to be signed by the Pope, others looked up from their mundane conversations amongst themselves to stare at the young woman. Lucrezia could feel their gaze burning through her, but refused to let them see that it bothered her. Instead, she held her head up high, as if turning her nose up at them and their hypocrisy. Yes, she was the bastard offspring of the new Pope, but most of these Cardinals all had illegitimate children of their own, and almost all kept mistresses, some more than one. Why was it such a sin for her father to be any different?<br>
The young girl kept her eyes forward, refusing to even pretend to acknowledge anyone as she made her way to her Father's private offices. Once inside frail hands closed the door behind her before continuing further inside. There were no sounds of voices nor even movement from within. "Father? Cesare...?" She called out in her fragile voice but no response came. It was apparent that she was the first one here. Her father had called on she and all her siblings so that they may prepare for the upcoming Coronation that now mere days away. It was also obvious that he wanting to speak with them on the changes that had enveloped their world. Everything was different now, and with his rise in the Papacy there were certain obligations that they all needed to observe, and certain things that would be expected of them as they were now all in the public eye. Her father's throne sat on shaky grounds and even the smallest hint of scandal could bring everything crashing down around them. <br>
Surly this lecture applied to her brother Juan more than herself as he was usually the one stumbling out of brothels and starting drunken fights with members of Nobility, but Father would never confront his prodigal child outright. Hazel gaze rolled in her head as she pondered on this thought, oh how it bothered her that Juan could cause all sorts of trouble but yet father would still welcome him with a smile and open arms, yet she or Cesare could do the smallest thing and they would be thrown to the wolves. It was maddening!<br>
But so many things had changed just in the few short days since her father was elected Pope. The most major change was that their lives were all in very real danger. With great power comes great enemies for anyone, and since her father was not an adored Pope they were vulnerable. Many threats had already been made upon her and the lives of her family, but her eldest brother Cesare had seen fit to up the guard around the palace and family. The safety of his family was all that seemed to matter to Cesare and for that Lucrezia was grateful.<br>
Lucrezia wondered around the office aimlessly as she awaited the arrival of her siblings and father. She gazed upon the paintings on the wall, some were of Biblical scenes of times long past, Jesus washing the feet of commoners, Him laying his holy hand on a boy to command him to walk. The last was that of the most holy day that the Son returned to Haven after spending three days in a tomb of death. Along the other wall were paintings of all of the Popes that had come before, but a space was empty where her father's would soon be placed.<br>
In the middle of the office, was a large desk furnished from the finest wood. Atop were stacks of documents along with ink, quills, and wax to stamp letters with the Papal Seal. Lucrezia resisted the urge for prying eyes to look upon such important documents, but her efforts were in vain. Thin fingers traced the top of the parchments, eyes skimming script casually. She thumbed through a few of them cautiously, hoping that her father would not wonder in and catch her, or worse, a Cardinal. As she scanned the papers she noticed the Borgia name, but it was not her father's that was before it, instead it was her brother Gioffre's. Her brow furrowed in curiosity so she pulled this particular document out to further investigate. Eyes grew large as she read that it was possible negotiations for marriage to a Bavarian Princess for Gioffre. Land, and large sums of money were promised as a dowry for her betrothal. A look of shock turned to a stare of jealousy as she vigorously thumbed through the rest of the documents, eagerly searching for her name on a similar form, but nothing. She scoffed and her lip narrowed, why was Gioffre to be married before her? He was far too young and she was almost of the right age! Was there possibly something wrong with her? Had she had some sort of defect that her father did not want to reveal to the world? Or perhaps he had sent out proposals of marriage to many men and all had seen fit to turn her down? Could there be something wrong with her?


<h2>Tell Me Why I Feel So All Alone</h2>
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Nov 15 2014, 06:57 PM

~ 17 ~ Daughter of the Pope ~

Link to Application:

Lucrezia is the daughter of Pope Alexander VI. She has two older brothers and one younger brother. Her mother is Vonnozza, Rodrigo's first mistress, she is also the friend of his new mistress Guilia Farnase. Lucrezia is still young and innocent, but is eager to learn and is quickly beginning to understand the ways of the world. A great effort is made to know what is going on in politics and the happenings in the Vatican with her father. She is very clever and deceiving, often using her looks as well as her wit to get her way. She has a strange obsession with the acts of sex and often wonders about it as she is still a virgin.
There is an almost unnatural bond she shares with her older brother Cesare, but in her mind it is just a sense of closeness. She also has a great hate and distrust with her eldest brother Juan.

Enemies: As the daughter of the most controversial Pope of Rome, it is likely she will have many enemies.

Friends: It is likely that she could have friends. They would have to be supporters of her father, or at least pretend to be. Her only real friend right now is Guilia.

Lovers: She is still a virgin as of right now, but it is likely that fact could soon change as her curiosity could easily get her into trouble. She loves to flirt and talk with men so this is a great likelihood.
Nov 12 2014, 09:36 PM
A young woman of fair hair and porcelain skin roamed the hallowed halls of the Vatican. The entire church was a bustle of excitement and expectation as many young paiges and choir boys cleaned up after the Papal ceremony yesterday. Everything was so alive and thrilling! But it all seemed to be happening so fast. Only three days ago her father had been named Pope Alexander VI. Lucrezia had been allowed to ride in the parade along with her mother and younger brother Gioffre. People came from all over Italy to greet them. Many threw flower petals, waved and bowed to her father. She felt like a Queen of some distant country in a fantasy after being rescued from a sealed off tower.

Both she hand her family were moved into a large and beautiful palace down on Via del Corso. They had previously lived in a palace in the lower streets of the city, but this new was was far more grandiose. It's pillars and floors were all made of a stunning white and black marble with gold trim in the molds of the ceiling. It even had a large and beautiful courtyard in the middle of the palace. Her bedroom was by far her favorite through. Her bad was extremely large and four-poster made from some exotic wood that was black and polished to a high gloss. In the intricate details of the carvings of the posters were rings of silver that gave the bed detail. Above the four-poster was a canopy made of satin. It was a light blue with silver thread sewn into a demask pattern that was breath-taking, not to mention the satin bedding that matched. All of this sat up on a two step platform. Another highlight of her own room were the two huge glass doors that opened up to the balcony. It was furnished with three black marble benches with silver accents. From here she could see the entire city. The Tiber river, the Vatican and even the Hills of the Romagnia off in the distance. Lucrezia had spent most of her first day and even some of the night out on that balcony with her older brother Cesare. They had spent many hours discussing the changes that were about to take place and what that meant for her.

Cesare had mentioned that she was now the most saught-after woman in Italy and many would seek her hand for marriage to gain holdings in the Church of Rome. Her hazel eyes had grown large at this thought. She was still so young, she knew nothing about marriage or men, though she had been caught peaking in as her brothers engaged in sexual activity, and to be perfectly honest she was eager and curious to learn. Despite all of this Cesare swore to protect her at all costs.

Speaking of her brother, where could he be? He told her to meet him here in the Vatican and he was still no where to be found. She had heard the fight he and her father had had the previous night about how Cesare was bound to become a Cardinal, and just in his rebellious nature, Cesare outright refused. It was even obvious to young Lucrezia that he did not belong in The Cloth and would not do well in Cardinal skirts, but Father ignored his pleas.

After standing around in the Basilica for several minuets Lucrezia took one last look around before releasing an exasperated sigh. She rolled her eyes and wondered back down the halls before leaving the Vatican down the front steps. The streets were still alive with excitement and she wished to enjoy this while it lasted. But who is to know how long it would last? So much had changed in such a very short time, but one thing was certain, her life would never be the same...
Oct 24 2014, 12:39 AM

Lucrezia Borgia
~ Rome, Italy ~ 17 ~ -none- ~

First Name: Lucrezia
Last Name: Borgia
Nickname/Alias: Crezia
Gender: Female
Birthdate: April 18 1475
Place of Residence: Rome, Italy
Social Class: Nobility
Occupation: None
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Play-By: Tamsin Egerton


Height: 5' 4''
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Length: Mid-Back
Eye Color: Hazel
Scars/Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: A few faint freckles across her nose
Overall General Appearance:
Long blonde curls fall down her back and end just above her waist. There are light brown undertones in her hair, but if the sun hits it right you can see hints of red also. These blonde curls frame around her fair skin and highlight her hazel eyes. These pair of eyes are unique in that they often change from a steel gray to a bright blue depending on the light she is exposed to. Her lips are thin but hold a rich pink color.
Lucrezia's build is thin with narrow shoulders, slender neck and a short torso, but easily spreads out to wide-set hips. Due to her narrow shoulders she is not of ample bosom, but certainly has enough to attract the wondering gaze of men and to not make her hips seem disproportioned to her figure. Hands and feet are soft and supple, obvious signs that she has never seen hard labor nor worked a day in her life.


Overall Personality:
Right now Lucrezia is in the prime of her life. She is young, beautiful and finally of marring age, but she is still young and though may have the appearance of an adult, is still like a child in so many ways. She has grown up in the life of privileged and has been sheltered for most of her life, but she makes an effort to try and understand the world around her. She often surprises people with her understandings of the world around her and her thirst for knowledge. Usually, Lucrezia is of a casual and carefree disposition, loving to explore and always eager to meet new people. There is a great love for the arts and music that has been passed down from her father. She herself can actually play the lute with great skill.
What is not obvious to most is her darker side. She finds the act of sex very alluring and dreams of it often, but knows to lose her virtue before marriage is a sin against love and God. Still, there is a deep and burning desire as she has often been caught sneaking and watching her brothers in the act.
Although she is usually sweet and carefree Lucrezia is a Borgia. She is not oblivious to the fact that her mother was a Spanish whore who seduced a Cardinal, she is also painfully aware that her family is not welcome in Rome and are viewed as Spanish pigs. Much like her father and brothers Crezia is capable of true deceit and can harbor some of the darkest secrets. Seduction is a tool she flaunts and uses well, luring in men and using them to do her bidding, easily disposing of them once their need has come to an end.
Currently she is battling demons of her own make as the age old struggle of right and wrong have ensnared her. She shares an uncommonly close bond with her older brother Cesare that some would deem inappropriate. There is also a great dislike for her eldest brother Juan as he was often cruel to her as a child and seems to always bring shame to the family name in any way he can.
Flaws: She often sees the world in a pessimistic view. She also has a hard time keeping her passions bridled and never truly learned self-control.
Secrets: She has strange feelings toward her brother Cesare that she does not understand. She also hates her eldest brother Juan and often dreams of ways he might die, sometimes by her own hand.
Goals/Aspirations: She dreams to have it all. To be married off to a handsome man with a grand title of Duca and wealth.

Family History

Paternal Grandfather: Jofre Llancol i Escriva
Paternal Grandmother: Isabel de Borja (Borgia) y Cavanilles
Father: Pope Alexander VI (Rodrigo Borgia)
Mother: Vannozza dei Cattanei
Siblings: Juan, Cesare, and Gioffre
Spouse: -none-
Children -none-
Extended Family: -none to mention-

Character History

General History:
The young woman was born in the small town of Subiaco just outside of Rome. Her father at the time was Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia and her mother a courtesan named Vanozza dei Cattanei. She has two older brothers, Juan and Cesare, and a younger brother named Gioffre. As a young child and the only daughter, she often played with her brothers, chasing them through the fields, hiding behind trees and was even caught swimming in the creek with nothing but her farthingale on. She has always had an adventurous spirit. Her eldest brother Juan would often pick on her, pushing her around and calling her names, but it was her brother Cesare who always came running to her rescue and defending her against Juan and anyone else who dared to threaten or bring harm to his only sister. This caused a strong and unyielding bond between the two that has never been challenged to change.
Since childhood she has been taught by some of the best Italian tutors. She is well versed in history, mathematics, and the sciences. She loves to read and has the ability to write. Though, one of her favorite subjects was art. There was something about paint or pencil on paper or canvas that struck her deeply and allowed her imagination to wonder. The ability for someone to take nothing and make something beautiful truly spoke to her.
Upon reaching the cusp of womanhood she was stripped away from her male playmates and instructed that to play outside in the dirt with boys was no longer appropriate for a woman of her station. She was instructed on how to act like a lady of breeding. She was informed that a woman such as herself would one day side on the right hand side of a powerful man.
The progression of her father's status from Cardinal to Pope was a shocking one for Lucrezia. Though she understood that it was always an aspiration of her father she never dreamed that it might one day become a reality. And yet here they were in a grand palace just off of St. Peter's Square. To her this all happened so fast and she still has yet to grasp the concept and responsibilities that comes along with this.


The Puppeteer

OOC Name: Divine Grace, or Divine
Age: 24
Preferred Means of Contact: PM
Fun Fact About You: I will be graduating college in Dec with a degree in Horse Science!
How Did You Find Us: ummm... I made it lol
Writing Sample:

The sound of laughter erupted down the hall as two young girls gossiped about their new male fancy. "I think you only admire him because he is the heir to one of the largest Italian estates!" Exclaimed one with a laugh.
The other playfully gasped and pretended to appear hurt. "No! I simply think he has a fantastic backside, the fact of his estates is just a pleasant bonus." She boasted with a laugh.
"Have you kissed him yet?" Asked the dark haired maiden.
The other averted her gaze, cheeks growing red, but face beamed with pride. "Oh we have done more than kiss..." She trailed off, leaving room to imply that sexual actions had taken place between the two. Her virgin friend appeared shocked and rendered speechless.

A young woman with heavy blonde curls quietly edged down the hall so she could better hear the alluring conversation. Slender and pale hands wrapped around a large pillar made of marble, the fixture cool to the touch. Lucrezia felt her cheeks grow red at the mention of sexual actions. She felt her breathing hitch, finding herself silently begging for the girl to divulge detail of her exploits with her male suitor.

The pair of young girls appeared to be of the same age as the Borgia daughter, and the dark haired girl took in a deep breath managed to regain her senses. "So...What happened?" She prodded eagerly of her friend.
The other experienced girl smiled in a triumphant manner. "Well..." She paused, purposely building suspense. "We managed to sneak away from our escorts last week and he took me down to the old Ruins in the woods." Her dark haired friend looked on with eagerness. "He turned me around and started kissing on the back of my neck, his hands wrapping around my front. His lips moved up to my ear and he began to whisper into it as he started to untie my gown. It fell to the ground and he then untied my corset as his other hand slid up my inner thigh." As she spoke her breathing became weaker, suddenly becoming embarrassed of her actions now bringing them into the light. "He laid me down on my dress before getting between my legs. He took his shirt off in quiet a hurry." She laughed for a moment as she recalled the moment. "But he then wrapped his lips around my nipple as it became hard, and I felt this strange feeling in my lower region. He took my hand and slid it down his trousers, forcing me to feel his hard cock..." She trailed off, her cheeks bright red now.

Lucrezia was now hanging on to every word of the experienced girl, begging her to go on in more detail. She felt a stir in the pits of her stomach as she closed her eyes and tried desperately to picture the scene as she described it. Her thighs began to quiver and she felt her knees grow weak with every word. Deep and longing breaths passed Lucrezia's lips.

"I undid the laces of his trousers and peeled them off and he forced my underskirt up before edging closer.." Continued the other girl.

The young Borgia girl was now entranced, completely lost in the moment. So lost that she failed to hear the quiet steps that inched up behind her. "What are you doing?" Whispered someone in her ear.
Lucrezia released a shrill scream from her parted lips as she nearly jumped out of her own skin! She quickly turned around only to find her brother Cesare standing behind her. "How dare you sneak up on me like that!" she screamed as she playfully slapped his chest with the back of her hand. Cesare laughed at her excitement.
"You know it's not polite to eavesdrop on others Lucrezia." He stated in a sarcastic done.
Lucrezia rolled her eyes, before turning and walking away from her brother, making her way back down the hall toward her rooms. "I wasn't eavesdropping Cesare. I was simply walking and didn't wish to embarrass the poor girl. Truly, to throw away her virtue like that." She explained calmly as her brother took quick strides to catch up to her.
Cesare knew she was lying, but didn't bother to press the issue, so he simply laughed it off.
He knew her too well, she knew he could easily see right through her lies, but he didn't bother to question further, and she didn't truly wish to explain. "Come, lets go to dinner shall we?" She asked in a cheerful manner as she placed her arm through his.
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