Welcome to Gloria Patri. We are a mature, alternate universe, historical RPG that is set in 1492 Rome, Italy. The Borgia Pope now sits in the chair of Saint Peters and rules the country with a proclaimed divine right and an iron fist.

Behind the curtains his children plot and scheme to secure their hold of power. They seek to carve out an empire on the Borgia name. Lies, treachery, murder and lust drive the forces of the Papal States and blood shall run through the streets of Rome.

Only one question remains; how will your story change the fate of history?

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The blue sky above began to become hazy as strained red eyes still pleaded with the Almighty to spare her life. She was the daughter of God's own living Word here on Earth, how could he allow such a man to take her life like this? Surly the Lord had a plan, some way to save her from the cold hands of death and drug her down. But, she also knew that the Lord had given Man the right to freedom of will.... And as fate would have it, this man's will was to end her life.<p>
The seconds felt like an eternity, passing by every so slowly and hazed and blood-shot eyes remained fixed on the Havens, thinking that any second God would reach forth from the clouds and pluck her out of harm's way, but no such figure came. She felt the swelling pain at the back of her head as the looned man pulled her hair down again, further exposing her neck, as he explained that he was going to kill her, and furthered the insult by calling her a whore! She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, thinking now would come the final blow, any second he would drive the blade through her throat and she would be gone, soul free of her mortal body and free to join the Maker's side in Haven, but her body would be left. Her once beautiful figure would not fall and remain in a puddle of blood. They would find her, clean her body, they would inform her father, mother. Her body would be left to be mourned over before being laid laid to rest, seemingly sleeping till the end of days. Her brother, oh poor Cesare, he surly would take her passing the hardest. Yes, her parents would be so broken hearted, but she and Cesare shared such a bond that he might full incomplete with out her, she knew she would if he were taken away from her in such a crude manner.<p>
So here it came, she felt the blade knit back and forth just slightly, as if his hand were trembling, it dug deeper into her skin and the hot sticky trickle down her neck moved slightly faster now. But, suddenly there was tension and a pause in action... Slowly Lucrezia opened one eye and looked down, noticing that there was now a larger blade angled in the opposite direction across the front of her throat. She trembled now, thinking that two men were after her throat and had begun a struggle for glory, which would be praised for taking the first Borgia life?<p>
But, there was no struggle, the new gentlemen at the other end of the blade held his own and the brute who confined her by her hair suddenly removed the knife from her throat. Abruptly, the harsh tension in her hair was released and she was forcefully pushed forward, landing in the arms of the stranger.

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Nov 15 2014, 06:55 PM

~ 22 ~ Female ~ Countess of Anguillara Sabazia ~ Horse Breeder ~

Link To Application:


Aurora has had a very hard life and suffered much in her young years. She has recently lost her father due to illness and has no other family save for an aunt and uncle who live back in her mother's ancestral home of Germany, but she almost never speaks to them. She is currently the soul charge of Anguillara Sabazia and single-handedly runs her horse breeding estate.
After her father's sudden passing she was deceived by a lowly Lord named Hugo who managed to lie his way into her estate. He often beat her and tried to force her into marriage to gain control of her titles, land and wealthy horse breed operation. Late one evening after he had bean Aurora senseless with a riding crop, one of Aurora's loyal stable hands, Dante, hit the Lord Hugo over the head with a log and killed him. He disposed of the body by burying it out behind the castle at the tree line. Both he and Aurora vowed never to speak of it in hopes that no one would ever come looking for Hugo and discover what they had done. For, even for a high-born Noble such as Aurora, the penalty for murdering another Noble is death.

Seeking: Someone to play her best friend/stable hand Dante. His Want-Ad can be found HERE

Enemies It is likely that due to her competative breeding stable and the fact that she is the sole countess of a large city that she would have many enemies seeking to take her down and view her as weak. As far as the Borgia plot she has not taken sides as of yet and had tried to avoid it all together due to her own problems.

Friends She does not have many if any friends right now. Aurora is not a very social person and has been very closed off in the most recent months. The only true friend she currently has is Dante. She could certainly use a friend who can help her cope with all that has happened to her, but it would have to be someone she trusted entirely.

Lovers Aurora is heterosexual and currently single. She is currently afraid of men due to recent happenings. She certainly could use a man to help open her up and a strong someone whom she could rely on. But he must be patient and make Aurora feel safe and as if she could trust him completely before she would even think of letting her guard down. She has high walls built up around her heart that will take time to tear down.
Nov 12 2014, 09:01 PM
The last rays of sunlight had begun to fade behind the dome steeple of the iconic basilica. The sky was cast into a painting of deep reds, purples, pinks and oranges before fading to a sombre shade of grew as the light began to pass from sight. Though the sun had vanished it's warmth could still be felt throughout the evening and long into the night. It was now early Summer and the air was thick with humidity and warmth, characteristic for an Italian Summer.

Darkness began to envelop the gardens of the Vatican, Papal guards now scurried around the walls lighting torches to provide light for their patrols and so that others wouldn't be forced to wonder around in the dark. The Contessa had wondered the streets of Rome for hours, aimlessly. Somehow she managed to find herself among the flowers, many floral scents mixed and mingled in the heavy air as several different species of flora were housed in the infamous Vatican Gardens. The scents had a somewhat calming effect to a troubled mind. A stone bench housed between several rose bushes was vacant, though everything was vacant in the gardens at this hour. Aurora seated herself on the bench, long dark tassels falling around slender shoulders. Her gown was fashioned from a dark maroon taffeta with a purple damask pattern before coming to a solid purple, velvet corset top. The sleeves were made of the same maroon and purple taffeta, but slashed sleeved at the back so her white chemise puffed from the slashes. Small, yet nimble, hands smoothed out her skirts as they gathered and bunched upon sitting.

There Aurora sat, embracing the shadows and still of the approaching night. The gardens was nothing more than the means of a distraction, as she was avoiding the return to her empty apartments. It wasn't often that the Countess was found in the ancient city, but there where times when she was forced to conduct business here and, on rare occasions, she would come to browse the shops for new gowns, fabric or jelwery. Thus, she kept private and luxurious apartments in Rome on Via Condotti above all the fine shops.

For months she had avoided the city. For popular excuse, she had simply been too busy dealing with the estate and stable since her father's sudden passing, or at least that's what she told everyone. But, in truth, the city was nothing more than a pool of memories. Memories of a life she no longer had but so desperately tried to cling to. Her father would take her on grand trips to Rome. They would attend operas, view art galleries, and he would allow her to roam among the streets buying anything she wanted. But, her fondest memories was her father chasing her among the flowers of this exact garden. Intense sapphire gems lifted from her dress and gazed at her surroundings and a memory came to life, she could see a young girl with long dark curls running among the roses, laughing and beaming with joy as her father chased after her, his long and strong arms extended, a broad smile stretched across his scruffy face as he snatched her up and held her close, both tones of laughter mixing and bursting into a merry melody. And then, the fuzzy figures disappeared just as suddenly as they had appeared.

A stray tear fell from dark eyes, others rolling down flushed cheeks. A hand was lifted and Aurora brushed away the other tears from her cheek quickly. It had been a few months now, and she should be over this, moving on with her life. Death happened, it was a part of all life, but it was still so hard to let go...
Oct 24 2014, 02:01 AM
Dante *last name is player's choice*

Age: Between 23-29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Horse Trainer/Head Stable Hand of Serefini Estate

My character Aurora Serefini is the owner and Lady of the Serefini Estate helping Aurora breed large war horses. She has a very dark and painful past and many secrets that she shares with her closest childhood friend and head stable hand Dante, *his last name is open for your choice*. He committed murder to protect Aurora and has romantic feelings for her. They two of them now strive to keep the murder a secret from everyone.


Dante is between the age of 23-29 and is an only child. He has worked for the Serefni's for as long as he can remember, and now works for Aurora doing pretty much anything and everything. He is a good rider, horse trainer with a gentle yet firm hand with the horses, mends fences, fixes tack and leather work, and Lord Serefini even sent him to learn the Blacksmiths trade, so he can to any sort of iron work from horse shoes, to barbed wire to piping.

His mother, *name available for you to make up*, was a house maid to the Serefini Estate, and a nanny for Aurora when she was a child, she also is the same woman who rescued Aurora during her birth when her mother passed away. The Serefini's always took excellent care of Dante and his mother before her death, caused by cancer.

Dante is a little older than Aurora, but the two grew up together and are very close, here in the recent years Dante has developed a strong romantic love for Aurora, and new sees himself as her protector since the passing of her father Aldo. He watched in anger and anguish as Benito beat his beloved Aurora. Late one evening Dante walked in on Benito beating Aurora with a riding crop. He took a log from the beside the fireplace and hit Benito in the back of the head, all his anger forcing the blow and killing Benito. He and Aurora buried the body out behind the house in an unmarked grave hoping that no one would come looking for Benito and realize that they had committed murder.

His ancestral origin can be of any Italian race.

His personality is mostly up for you to decide, all I ask is that he be somewhat light-hearted, kind (to Aurora at least), protective of her, should be in love with Aurora, though he may become jealous and spiteful if you want, or he can stay infatuated with her, all up to you. And that he be able to keep a secret. He may be a little tormented and conflicted about his feelings for Aurora and a small part of him may want to get away but he just can't fight his feelings for her or keep her off his mind.
As of right now Aurora only sees him as a friend/brother figure, but depending how things pan out, she may start to view him as more, so it is sort of a Love Tango rather than a Love Interest.

Possible Face Claims
I have listed below the five I would ideally prefer for Dante, but I could be open to suggestion as long as he is between 23-29 looking and dark hair, preferably long.

Eoin Macken

Jonathan Keltz

Adain Turner

Jamie Dornan

Liam Hemsworth

Steven R McQueen

Garrett Hedlund

Taylor Kitsch

Oct 24 2014, 01:34 AM

Aurora Serefiani
~ Anguillara Sabazia, Italy ~ 22 ~ Contessa/Horse Breeder ~

First Name: Aurora
Last Name: Serafini
Title: Contessa
Gender: Female
Birthdate: June 27 1470
Place of Residence: Anguillara Sabazia, Italy
Social Class: Nobility
Occupation: Contessa/Horse Breeder
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Play-By: Katie McGrath


Height: 5' 6''
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Hair Length: Past waist
Eye Color: Bright blue
Scars/Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: Several bruises riddle her body, but all are able to be hidden by usual dress. She also has several healing lash marks up her back. There is also an old scar on her right arm from a riding accident where she fell as a child.
Overall General Appearance:
Long dark curls fall down her body. They are usually left loose and unkempt instead of being pulled up and fixed as most ladies of her stature would prefer. Also unlike woman of her status, her skin is slightly tan, softly kissed by the sun. This is due to her love of being outside and messing with her horses. She has very high cheekbones that are a setting for her dazzling jewels for eyes. They are a very deep and bright blue, like sapphires, which is a trait that was passed down from her mother's side of the family. Her lips are full and hold a dark pink tint, but recently have been left pale. Recent events have also left her once bright and vibrant eyes dull and lifeless.
Aurora has the ideal body that any man would desire and any woman would covet. She has ample and full breasts that almost always overflow from her gowns. Her torso is long and slender before spreading into large hips and backside to make for ideal proportions. Needless to say she is a handfull from any angle. Her legs and long, lean and strong from hours in the saddle riding.
Her hands have soft callouses from gripping reigns and lead ropes for most of her life. Both hands and feet are long and thin. Her fingers and toes are made of very fine bone structure and she has easily broken her fingers many times because of this.


Overall Personality:
Aurora has had a hard life, but it has made her stronger. She use to be so fiery, adventurous, and rebellious against her protective father, running off on her favorite stallion. Since the passing of father she became a little sombre and quieter in her antics. She can be kind, sweet, and seductive, but she also has a fiery temper and will fight and stand up for herself. She has gotten good at hiding her emotions and putting on a fake smile when she must.

She also has a little difficulty sleeping in her own bed at night because of things that have happened to her, so she often lay on the floor next to the fire and read some of her fathers books till she falls asleep.

Aurora is terrified of birds and is none too keen on disrespect. She knows she is beautiful and she will use it to her advantage. She loves being outside and she adores being around her horses. She is a true lover of music and is a very talented singer. It is her one true relief and she will often sing to her horses to calm them. As far as killing goes, she has seen enough death in her life and it has taken its toll on her. If she feels threatened she will fight.

She is very stubborn, introverted, and has a fiery temper.
Secrets: She tries desperately to hide her scars and bruises from the world and she has taken part in the murder of a lowly Noble. The body is hid on her estate and no one except a few of her servants know.
Goals/Aspirations: To become a successful horse breeder in Italy. And to not have her secrets be discovered.

Family History

Grandfathers: Paternal: Ercole Serafini *Deceased*, Maternal: Hans Trifftion*Deceased*
Grandmothers: Paternal: Giada Serafini *Deceased*, Maternal: Isolda Trifftion *Deceased*
Father: Aldo Serafini *Deceased*
Mother: Klarice Trifftion Serafini *Deceased*
Siblings: Luka *Deceased*, Corrado *Deceased*
Spouse: -none-
Children -none-
Extended Family: Her mother's brother and his wife as well as their two children are still in Germany.

Character History

General History:
Aurora is the daughter of a wealthy Conte and Contessa and acquired a successful horse breeding stable along with the title and surrounding lands from their father. They breed two large draft breeds that are ideal for carrying heavily armoured knights into battle. They also supply a lot of power behind weapons, not to mention that the horses are beautiful accessories to carriages.

Aldo and Klarice were engaged since a young age. It was arranged by the two patriarchs of the families as means to share in power and wealth between the two families. The Italian Aldo easily fell in love with the exotic German woman with her fair hair and stunning blue gems. The pair were wed when Aldo was 19 and Klarice 16.Three years later she managed to give birth to a son, Corrado, but he was taken by the Fever. The pair, stricken by grief, quickly tried again for another child, and with success, Klarice again was with child. Sadly, Luka came a month early and was a stillborn. After the loss of her second child Klarice was afraid to try again, grief and worry had worn her body down and she didn't think she could manage the loss of another child, but Aldo urged his wife to try one last time, and so they did.

A year later, Aurora was born, but at a terrible cost. In the middle of labor Klarice had passed away, leaving Aurora trap in the birthing canal. Her mid-wife reacted quickly and managed to pull Aurora the rest of the way, but she had been deprived of oxygen and was not breathing. Aldo took his young daughter in his hands and began to weep, but as he held the baby girl to his shoulder and rubbed her back he tempted Aurora to start breathing. She coughed a few times and gasped before she began to cry, the child lived!

For the first three years of her life, Aldo found it hard to look upon her, for her brilliant sapphire eyes haunted his memories of Klarice. After his grieving had passed he realized that she was the only thing he had left in his life and he called her his little fighter.

Growing up, Aurora fit well into her title as a little fighter, she was always running around outside seeing what trouble she could get into, but she seemed to have a great love and bond with the horses. She was an excellent rider and loved playing with the young foals as they romped and bucked.

Much like her father, Aurora is very strong willed, and headed. She can be very stubborn, and her and her father came to heads when he wished to send her to live with her aunt and uncle where she would receive a proper education. She refused and wished to stay and help with the horses. She seemed to have a great and strong hand with the stallions and a keen eye for breeding. She assisted further by keeping the stud and breeding books for the family.

When Aurora was a few weeks shy of twenty, Aldo Serafini passed away from Tuberculosis, leaving everything to Aurora for he had no sons or any other family.

Aurora did not take her father's passing all too well, for she was now truly alone, left with nothing, no true relatives and no true friends other then her servants and stable hands that handled the horses' care and breeding. In response to his passing and lack of relationships, Aurora ended up in the hands of an older Lord named Benito dei Parri who took it upon himself to become the man of the Serafini estate and make Aurora his mistress. His goal was to one day wed her and retain the deed to the estate and breeding stable, and ownership of Aurora's horses.

Aurora had not taken much of a liking to Benito and refused to bed him and was beaten for it daily by Benito. A simple man servant, Dante, found Aurora on the floor bleeding and bruised after Benito had ripped open the back of her dress and whipped her like an animal with a riding crop. Dante took it upon himself to hit Benito over the head with a log from the fireplace and killed him. He and another of Aurora's servants buried Benito in the woods and never spoke of it again, but Aurora was left with a broken spirit and healing wounds.


The Puppeteer

OOC Name: Divine Grace, or Divine
Age: 24
Preferred Means of Contact: PM
Fun Fact About You: I have a minor in vocal music, as well as a singing schalorship
How Did You Find Us: I am the creator of the RPG site
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