Welcome to Gloria Patri. We are a mature, alternate universe, historical RPG that is set in 1492 Rome, Italy. The Borgia Pope now sits in the chair of Saint Peters and rules the country with a proclaimed divine right and an iron fist.

Behind the curtains his children plot and scheme to secure their hold of power. They seek to carve out an empire on the Borgia name. Lies, treachery, murder and lust drive the forces of the Papal States and blood shall run through the streets of Rome.

Only one question remains; how will your story change the fate of history?

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Cesare Borgia


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Nov 18 2014, 04:20 PM

Cesare Borgia
~Rome, Italy ~ 21 ~ Cardinal ~

First Name:Cesare
Last Name:Borgia
Title: Cardinal Borgia
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 13 September
Place of Residence: Rome
Social Class: Nobility( I guess)
Occupation: Cardinal
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Play-By:Francois Arnaud


Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: brown
Hair Length: shoulder length, sometimes a bit longer
Eye Color: Hazel
Scars/Tattoos/Distinguishing Marks: none
Overall General Appearance:
Cesare is a rugged looking gentleman. He is forever seen with just a bit of stubble on his face, not quite ever reaching full beard look but just enough to be rough looking and yet extremely handsome at the same time. Given that he grew up was seemingly raised to be a man of the cloth, he has been known to relish being able to be dressed in simple black or black with accent colors. If he doesn't have to wear the robe of a Cardinal he doesn't, same as he didn't when he didn't have to wear the cloth of a Bishop before his father was elected Pope.

Cesare cleans up very nicely and he usually is very clean. However what few know is that he isn't afraid to get dirty. Probably the biggest reason he likes to wear black certain stains and dirt don't show as much when he wears black. Cesare tends to always stand tall and strong even when he is more at ease in a situation. Cesare has a few trademark looks when he is amused, happy and joyful, though he also has a few looks that few see. He has his darker looks he gives his enemies, and those that he wishes to threaten. However he can combine his looks and has a nice smirk he gives to those that he is being cordial with and yet secretly can't stand.


Overall Personality:
Cesare is kind, and caring and is loyal to a fault when it comes to family. He was raised to do as he was told, but is not afraid to now voice his opinion concern if he doesn't agree with his Father, or in some cases his brother. There is a growing contention and Cesare is fiercely jealous of Jaun's position as leader of the Papal armies, a position Cesare wishes he had rather than the position of Cardinal he was given. Cesare hates being a Cardinal, the weight of the cloth of a Cardinal weighs heavy on him and while he is his father's counselor inside the Vatican he still feels he could do more to prove his worth to his father.

Cesare is again fiercely loyal, and he shows this most it seemed when it comes to his mother and little sister. He is fiercely protective over them both, he is willing to do almost anything to keep them safe, and keep them from being shamed. Cesare seems to look past what the rest of Rome thinks of his mother, to him she is his mother and he would do anything to give her the respect and honor she deserves. This can often get him in trouble though.

Cesare has a bit of a temper, and it shows most if anyone hurts his family, or speaks ill of his family. Cesare has a quick and cunning mind and is extremely smart. He also has learned how to pleasantly deal with those of higher rank than him and royals, even if he doesn't particularly like them. Cesare is charming and has an eye for pretty ladies. While he is destined to remain unmarried as long as he is a Cardinal, it doesn't seem to stop him from seeking a lover, and someone he can love.
Flaws: Cesare will do just about anything to avenge his family if one of them or all are wronged. His temper often can cause him to act rashly rather than think and plan things out. However that doesn't mean he is sloppy in any revenge he might take.
Secrets: There is a bond with his sister that if he sat and truly thought on it goes beyond being brother and sister, but neither act on it and Cesare remains the doting big brother.
Goals/Aspirations: Cesare wants nothing more than to be free of the Cardinal's robes and lead an army of his own or if given a chance lead the Papal Armies. He covets his brother's position.

Family History

Grandfathers: unkown
Grandmothers: unknown
Father: Rodrigo Borgia (Pope Alexander VI
Mother: Vannozza dei Cattanei
Siblings: Juan Borgia, Gioffre Borgia, and Lucrezia Borgia
Children none he knows of
Extended Family:

Character History

General History:
Cesare Borgia was born the eldest son to Rodrigo Borgia and his mistress Vannozza. He was raised with love and fairness and even after the birth of his brother he knew he would always have a special place in the heart of at least his mother. He has seen even from an early age the difference in how his father treated him and his younger brother Juan. however from the moment of her birth he has held a special fondness for his younger sister Lucrezia.

Cesare was always a smart child and yet like all his siblings his life was chosen and the path he would walk in life chosen for him. He was well educated and once he reached a certain age he was groomed to be a man of God. Cesare did as he was bid and seemed to excel in his studies, though in many ways as he grew older he knew his heart wasn't fully into serving God. However like his brother he learned more than the ways of God, he learned how to defend himself and his family, with weapons, and wit. Wit being something his brother doesn't always have.

Cesare was made a Bishop at the age of fifteen. A role nothing more than that for him, a role he served to please his father. All things Cesare does is to please his father and give him pride. Cesare pushes the limits and seems to push his Father's patience as well, something that seems to only get worse as he is made Cardinal.

Cesare worked with his brother Juan to help seal the vote for their father to become Pope. Course in doing so he only seemed to be drawn further into the realm of God and serving God. Cesare while being a good Bishop and since his father became Pope he wished for a different life a chance to lead the Papal armies. He has more than once expressed his wishes to his father and he seems to only be turned down time and time again. He refused at first when his Father made him a Cardinal, or told him rather he was to be one. even in being made a Cardinal Cesare rebelled in some ways and under the cover of darkness he makes deals and plots and schemes and finds himself working with an assassin, a man he hires after stopping him from poisoning his father.

Despite being a Cardinal and before that a Bishop Cesare has had his fair share of lovers. But in many ways none he cares for. The one woman he cares most dearly for is his baby sister Lucrezia. there is no limit he would not go to to keep her safe. He shares a love for her that perhaps goes beyond the boundaries of brother and sister, but in the eyes of God he can not act on it So he does the only thing he knows to do and that is to make sure she is protected at all costs.


The Puppeteer

OOC Name: Bekah
Age: 32
Preferred Means of Contact: PM
Fun Fact About You: I've been roleplaying for close to ten years, so my experience has run from about every genre imaginable.
How Did You Find Us: Caution and SHINE
Writing Sample:
Cesare broke his fast alone that morning. Most mornings he would break it with his father, this morning he had other duties to attend to that didn't involve his father. Cesare remembered family mornings, here and there growing up, the whole lot of them sitting around the breakfast table. However that time was long gone. Here and there when he was a simple Bishop Cesare would wake with some lover in his bed, or alone at the family home. either way he would often break his fast with his mother and sister, and youngest brother Gioffre. Even those mornings might never come to be again. Cesare hated the role he must play. He longed to prove himself the soldier the commander of armies. He had pushed to try to get his father to let him be that man, but again he was shot down and a few days later made officially a Cardinal.

The robes were heavy and they weighed on him more than his Bishop clothes. He had told his father he accepted this calling. Deep down he didn't but looking in his father's eyes it had been easier to lie than to fight and disappoint his father. He had known for a long time his father's ambitions for him and he should have seen it all coming long before his Father was made Pope, however he hadn't and now he was wearing the crimson robes of a Cardinal every day, least when he had to officially be a cardinal. When he didn't he tended to dress in simple black, but always in an elegant and way only fitting for a man of his standing. Cesare this morning was meeting with his henchman of sorts to plan out a few matters that he had need of the man for.

Cesare had become fond of Michelletto in the short time he had known the man. It had been a simple luck of fate really that he had gained the services of the man, however a Cardinal had died in place of his father, only fitting really for his treachery since the Cardinal had been the one to hire Michelletto himself to poison his father. However Cesare had turned the tables, thanks to his own quickness with a blade. Cesare had Michelletto following a few other Cardinals just to be sure there wasn't further plots. There was one in mind still but he knew that there was no spying on him further with Michelletto, given the failed attempt already because of the scars on his back, scares Della Rovere knew full well about.

Cesare was dressed all in black and moved through the darkened halls of his new home. he paused to wait in the preferred meeting spot of him and his henchman. sooner or later they would have to stop meeting in such secret. It was starting to become better known, not to mention Cesare was becoming fond of the man and his counsel and company. He was becoming a friend of sorts, something Cesare seemed to be lacking as of late. He had his family but there were things he felt he couldn't even talk about with them. Not even with his beloved sister and he seemed to share almost everything with her. She was special to him, far more than the rest of his family it seemed, but he was careful and made sure few were around when he was truly doting on his baby sister.
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