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 A Distant Memory, OPEN
Aurora Serafini
 Posted: Nov 12 2014, 09:01 PM
10 Posts • N/A Y.O • Members
Played By Divine Grace

The last rays of sunlight had begun to fade behind the dome steeple of the iconic basilica. The sky was cast into a painting of deep reds, purples, pinks and oranges before fading to a sombre shade of grew as the light began to pass from sight. Though the sun had vanished it's warmth could still be felt throughout the evening and long into the night. It was now early Summer and the air was thick with humidity and warmth, characteristic for an Italian Summer.

Darkness began to envelop the gardens of the Vatican, Papal guards now scurried around the walls lighting torches to provide light for their patrols and so that others wouldn't be forced to wonder around in the dark. The Contessa had wondered the streets of Rome for hours, aimlessly. Somehow she managed to find herself among the flowers, many floral scents mixed and mingled in the heavy air as several different species of flora were housed in the infamous Vatican Gardens. The scents had a somewhat calming effect to a troubled mind. A stone bench housed between several rose bushes was vacant, though everything was vacant in the gardens at this hour. Aurora seated herself on the bench, long dark tassels falling around slender shoulders. Her gown was fashioned from a dark maroon taffeta with a purple damask pattern before coming to a solid purple, velvet corset top. The sleeves were made of the same maroon and purple taffeta, but slashed sleeved at the back so her white chemise puffed from the slashes. Small, yet nimble, hands smoothed out her skirts as they gathered and bunched upon sitting.

There Aurora sat, embracing the shadows and still of the approaching night. The gardens was nothing more than the means of a distraction, as she was avoiding the return to her empty apartments. It wasn't often that the Countess was found in the ancient city, but there where times when she was forced to conduct business here and, on rare occasions, she would come to browse the shops for new gowns, fabric or jelwery. Thus, she kept private and luxurious apartments in Rome on Via Condotti above all the fine shops.

For months she had avoided the city. For popular excuse, she had simply been too busy dealing with the estate and stable since her father's sudden passing, or at least that's what she told everyone. But, in truth, the city was nothing more than a pool of memories. Memories of a life she no longer had but so desperately tried to cling to. Her father would take her on grand trips to Rome. They would attend operas, view art galleries, and he would allow her to roam among the streets buying anything she wanted. But, her fondest memories was her father chasing her among the flowers of this exact garden. Intense sapphire gems lifted from her dress and gazed at her surroundings and a memory came to life, she could see a young girl with long dark curls running among the roses, laughing and beaming with joy as her father chased after her, his long and strong arms extended, a broad smile stretched across his scruffy face as he snatched her up and held her close, both tones of laughter mixing and bursting into a merry melody. And then, the fuzzy figures disappeared just as suddenly as they had appeared.

A stray tear fell from dark eyes, others rolling down flushed cheeks. A hand was lifted and Aurora brushed away the other tears from her cheek quickly. It had been a few months now, and she should be over this, moving on with her life. Death happened, it was a part of all life, but it was still so hard to let go...

~Serafini Breeding Estate~
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