Welcome to Gloria Patri. We are a mature, alternate universe, historical RPG that is set in 1492 Rome, Italy. The Borgia Pope now sits in the chair of Saint Peters and rules the country with a proclaimed divine right and an iron fist.

Behind the curtains his children plot and scheme to secure their hold of power. They seek to carve out an empire on the Borgia name. Lies, treachery, murder and lust drive the forces of the Papal States and blood shall run through the streets of Rome.

Only one question remains; how will your story change the fate of history?

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 The Commandments
Divine Grace
 Posted: Aug 8 2014, 09:23 PM
92 Posts • 27 Y.O • Admin
Played By Divine

The Player

Commandment One-
All players will be treated with the utmost respect. Treat others the way you would like to be treated and please try to include everyone and make them feel welcome here. If you happen to have a problem please PM one of the staff and inform us of the problem and we will try to handle it like adults.

Commandment Two-
All Players must have an OOC account. It will be used for all OOC posting and will be the same name you would like to use in the C-box.

The Characters

Commandment Three-
Each character will be registered with their full name (Example: Rodrigo Borgia).

Commandment Four-
You are allowed as many characters you'd like, canon or original, but you must be able to keep up with all of them. If you start neglecting a character or two we will give you a warning to let you know, and if you do not start using it and including it within two weeks of your warning we will archive it.

Commandment Five-
In order for these characters to be considered "active" you must post with them at least every month. If you wish to retire one of your characters please PM one of the staff and we will tend to it.

Commandment Six-
Each character you have must have their own separate account. If you have five characters then you will have five character accounts plus your OOC account.


Commandment Seven-
There is no word count here, but we do ask that you attempt at least 100. I understand that sometimes we all lack muse, but it is very hard to reply to someone when they are constantly posting less than 100. So be as descriptive and creative as you can so that others will be able to interact with you.

Commandment Eight-
We are rated 3-3-3, which means we are rated for mature players and readers. You are allowed to swear freely, and violence is also permitted. This is Rome and lechery is a large part of this plot. Sexual acts are allowed without a 'fade to black'. But, with that being said, this site is not for cybersexting and that should not be the main goals of this forum. If you are caught always seeking and performing sex scenes with no other role play and character interactions then you will be given a warning. If you have not changed your ways you will be asked to leave.

Commandment Nine-
We do allow for same-sex lusts and sexual interaction as far as between two men, two women, bisexual and those who chose to be asexual. The only thing that is not allowed is transgender characters.
This isn’t to offend, but given the time period and nature of the board itself being grounded in the Church, it is historically frowned upon. Just like in many ways while allowed on the board Same sex relations were frowned upon by the church.
This is not to be said that a man can not have an accident and have gentiles removed (Hey accidents and torture happens), but he will still be considered male. With this known, you are expected to respect such characters and their players, as set forth by Commandment One. If you have a problem this same-sex acts you will not be forced to interact with them if you do not wish, all we ask is that you be respectful and kind to all.

Commandment Ten-
There will be no god-modelling, power-playing, or metagame. This means that you, and only you, are allowed to control your own character and no one else's. This excludes None Playable Characters (NPC). If there is a jousting tournament, battle or any other sort of competition then it will be decided by one of the staff by a coin toss or any other measure that we deem fair. If it really is necessary for you to power-play someone else's character you MUST PM them and ask for permission BEFORE you create the post. As far as god-modelling, there is no character that is perfect, that includes the Pope. All people have flaws, and your characters are intended to behave as real people, so they will have quirks and flaws as well. Not to mention that playing a character that is deemed perfect is no fun.

Commandment Eleven-
I would like for all characters to be as historically accurate as possible. This especially applies to the canon characters. We do allow for original characters, and I will allow for some leniency as far as gender equality (meaning that there are circumstances that might have a woman doing a job a man normally would. We have seen in the show that a woman has dressed as a man to become an apprentice for an artist, so think along those lines). and such as long as the staff agree that it can be acceptable in our game. But this does not mean your character can be from the future or have a cell phone, space ship ect. Please be as historically accurate as possible.


Commandment Twelve-
All avatars must adhere to the 200X300 sizing. They will not contain any genitalia or sexual acts. They must also be the character's faceclaim. If you are having difficulty finding a faceclaim/play by, please let one of us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Commandment Thirteen
Signatures are allowed, but should not exceed 500X300 in size. Do not stretch out my board.

Commandment Fourteen
An avatar is not required, but they are on a first-come first-serve. We can not have everyone running around as Jeremy Irons, that would be very confusing. It is encouraged that you look over the Face Claim list and make sure that your desired playby is not already in use. If it is not it is suggested that you ask for a hold of that specific playby. You may not hold a playby and then not use it. If you fail to create an account, or fail to finish that account with in a month that playby will go back up for grabs.

Commandment Fifteen
I am not a real fan of GIFs, and thus would not like them used as avatar pics. If you really feel the hankering for a GIF as your OOC avatar that is up to you. But please do not use them on signatures either in character or out.

You must, no required to, most importantly, above all else... HAVE FUN! That is the whole point of this board, to allow you to meet people and share your creative talents with others and to enjoy yourselves while you are doing it! So please have fun! If there is something wrong or a reason you are not having fun please let us know and we will see if we can get something straightened out.

Thank you for reading these rules.
Your Staff at Gloria Patri

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